Car Mechanic Simulator Releasing on Xbox One and PS4 in June

Car Mechanic Simulator

Fans of the Car Mechanic Simulator will be pleased to know that Car Mechanic Simulator is finally heading to consoles in June 2019. The ultimate garage simulator received a brand new trailer in celebration of the console release which shows the game in action and will really get the fans in the mood to finally play their favorite title on their consoles.

Car Mechanic Simulator will bring all mechanics from the PC version Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 and will allow fans to build and expand their very own personal repair service empire. The game features a highly detailed and realistic simulation of car repairs allowing players to repair, paint, tune and drive their creations.

Players will be able to find unique and classic cars in the new Barn Find and Junkyard Modules which they can restore to their formal glory by working on them. The game has been coming out on PC for quite some time however this is the first time that the garage simulator is finally heading to consoles as well.

Check out the console release trailer below.

Apart from finding cars in the barns and junkyards, players can also purchase old cars from the Auction House. New cars are also available here which can be added to player’s collection and later displayed in a huge multi-storey car park. The game also comes with a Photo Mode where car enthusiasts can go crazy with car photography as well.

The game will feature over 40 cars with more officially licensed cars arriving later in the game from automakers such as Mercedes, DeLorean, Pagani, Jeep, Mazda and more. The garage will feature more than 10 tools and more than 1000 different parts to fit on the cars. The garage can be upgraded later to add better facilities to the place, making working on the cars even more fun. It also comes with a paint shop.

Car Mechanic Simulator is slated for release on Xbox One and PS4 on June 25, 2019. Pre-orders are now live.

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  1. Do we have any word from the Devs as to wether or not they will be bringing mods to the consoles.
    There were some nice ones on pc so im kinda wondering?!

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