Cancelled PSP Horror Game Ushiro Revealed for the Nintendo Switch


Ushiro, which was previously announced for PlayStation Portable back in 2008, is coming to the Nintendo Switch as revealed by Japanese developer; Level-5. However, there is not information about the release date of the game.

Ushiro is a horror RPG set in the modern day Japan, featuring a suicidal school girl who makes a contract with a ghost. In the contract agreement, the girl gets one wish from the ghost in exchange for her life. The game was expected to have 3D exploration set in Tokyo and turn based battles.
Although the game was originally coming out for the PlayStation Portable, we have no details how different it will be on the Nintendo Switch after almost 10 years being cancelled.

Ushiro in Japanese translates to the word “behind”, as in there is a ghost behind you. Take a look at the trailer shown back in 2008 for the game.

So far there is not any more information other than it is going to be coming for the Nintendo Switch, but fans can expect more information in the next release of Weekly Famitsu Magazine on Thursday in Japan, which will come up with more details about Ushiro on the Switch.

Level-5 is known for its games in the recent years that include Professor Layton puzzle series, the two Ni no Kuni games and Yo-Kai watch. Before these recent titles, Level-5 has worked on Dragon Quest games, Rogue Galaxy, and Dark Clouds RPG. With its wide appealing and mechanically complex games, Level-5 has taken a special place in the list of Japanese game developers, even if it doesn’t come up to par with Capcom or Square Enix.

What do you think of Ushiro horror RPG that is coming for the Nintendo Switch? Post you thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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