Call of Duty Warzone Perks Guide – Best Perks To Equip

Call of Duty Warzone Perks Guide

This Call of Duty Warzone Perks Guide will detail all of the Perks that you can find in the new battle royale mode of Warzone. Perks are passive benefits that are given to Operators in Warzone. This in return will boost the physical capabilities and add unique gameplay mechanics to their Loadouts.

Perks can only be obtained through Loadouts, and cannot be found as loot. You have three slots where you can equip the Perks. This guide will list all Perks in each of the three slots along with their effects.

Call of Duty Warzone Perks Guide

Below we have detailed all the Perks with their effects in the game.



Double Time This perk allows your operator to get their Tactical Spring duration doubled and their crouch movement speed is increased.
E.O.D. This perk allows you to take less damage from explosives and fire. It allows you an extra protection against explosives.
Scavenger  This perk allows you to resupply ammo from dead players without the need to loot individual ammo types
Cold-Blooded This allows you to turn invisible to heat detection by having zero heat signatures. This will turn you invisible through the opponent’s thermal scopes
Kill chain This perk increases your chances of finding Killstreaks in Supply Boxes
Quick Fix This perk gives you increased health regeneration after killing players.
Restock This perk when paired with a Loadout will allow you to recharge equipment over 30 seconds after one is used.
Hardline This perk gives you a discount on Buy Stations on prices for Killstreaks
Overkill This perk allows you to put two primary weapons in a single Loadout.
High Alert This perk will make your on-screen HUD pulse when enemies outside of the screen see you on their screen.
Ghost This perk will make you undetectable and immune to UAVs, and other reconnaissance devices.
Pointman This increases contract payouts to your entire squad.
Tune Up This reduces the time take to revive allies
Amped This perk allows weapons to be swapped faster
Shrapnel This gives an extra piece of lethal equipment out of their loadout. Explosive damage dealt will also delay enemy health regeneration
Battle Hardened This perk gives resistance to enemy flash, stun and EMP effects
Spotter This perk allows you to see enemy equipment, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks through the walls.
Tracker This perk allows you to see footprint trails left behind by enemies.

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