Next Call of Duty Game to be Created by Treyarch, Themed on Cold War

Call of Duty Treyarch

According to a professional Call of Duty player, the next Call of Duty game is being developed by Treyarch and that it will be themed on the Cold War. Chance, who is a professional Call of Duty player revealed on Reddit to have met with the developer studio and discussed the competitive philosophy for the new game.

Chancewm on Reddit commented on a post stating that the devs intent to make the next game competitive. While

Stay hopeful guys. The devs over at Treyarch are really interested in making next year a great year for competitive ❤ and I’m being 100% serious. Just meetings [with] the devs to discuss “competitive philosophy.” there’s more to it of course and tbh I don’t even know if I was allowed to share what I just shared. I know how hopeless some of you are but all I want is for us as a community to get excited and to get behind and support the devs over at Treyarch.

A couple of days ago, Treyarch boss David Vonderhaar tweeted a cryptic message with cups of tea emojis. This prompted many players to interpret as a hint of revealing the news for the game pretty soon. Many speculate Treyarch to reveal the game during the PlayStation 5 console reveal event that is set for June 11.

Last week, the gameplay footage for the game was leaked online, featuring some of the first visuals and details. The video was soon taken down, however, copies of the original videos can be seen on YouTube.

The video was two minutes long showing the game in its pre-alpha stages. This means the game is far from being complete and can turn out looking totally different from what the video showed. The quality of the video was also not that great, which further added speculation if the leaks hold to be true.

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