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Publisher Farlight Games and developer LEGOU Games have finally announced the release date of their latest MMOSLG game Call of Dragons. Call of Dragons will release on PC and mobile devices, iOS, and Android, on March 28, 2023. The game offers different factions to choose from and gives you different ways to conquer the land on your desired platform. Call of Dragons combines high fantasy themes with intense, real-time strategy combat on a massive, infinitely zoomable battlefield.

You can check out the new launch trailer for Call of Dragons below which features new gameplay and also the release date of the title:

Set in the world of Tamaris, Call of Dragons features a large number of different factions that you will be able to choose from and then build your very own settlements before attacking others to conquer theirs for your own and sometimes you will also need to defend your settlements from incoming attacks. In Tamaris, you will explore different areas like the Wilderburg where Orcs, Goblins, Satyrs, and Tavrosi thrive in barren deserts, or the lust green forests of Springwardens where you will find races like Elves, Treants, or Forest Eagles.

You will engage in immersive real-time battles in an expansive and bountiful magic-oriented setting where you will fight in massive PvP battles of up to 40 other players over different terrains such as grasslands, icy glaciers, and mountainous valleys. To gain an edge over your enemies, you will also be able to find and slay massive fire-breathing Behemoths which will join your cause once you have defeated them in combat. These will change the tide of the battle and allow you to conquer whatever comes in your path.

Call of Dragons Gameplay

Call of Dragons was initially announced back in August 2022 and later in September 2022, we got our first look at the game with the first gameplay trailer for the game. Initially announced as a mobile game for iOS and Android devices, Call of Dragons will now release on PC as well on March 28, 2023. Pre-registrations are now open across both mobile platforms, and you can pre-register right now to unlock exclusive bonuses for the full game. If you are interested in trying out the game on PC, you can download a PC Client Technical Test as well until the server limit is reached.

What are your thoughts on Call of Dragons and its release date announcement? Let us know in the comments section below.

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