Bus Simulator 18 Map Extension Arriving Later This Month

Bus Simulator 18 Map

Astragon Entertainment GmbH and stillalive studios have announced that the upcoming extension map for Bus Simulator 18 is arriving on May 22. The new map extension is going to feature a new countryside along with two brand new city districts. The new extension will allow for a much more relaxed countryside experience rather than the hectic city life in the original map.

The extension will come with new interesting missions, new bus stops and a lot more road miles which are waiting for the players to explore in and around Seaside Valley. The extension also features a recently opened airport, a busy new business, and tech park along with a classic European hamlet.

The first city district added in the new map extension is Kerststadt and it sits at the south of Seaside Valley. You will find a new airport here along with the city’s busiest technology hub. You will drive on bus routes heading towards the new airport and back from it along with connecting the Kerststadt University with the Ministry of Science and the local start-up scene. You will also drive students coming back late from studying or from the pub on the new route.

Bus Simulator 18 Map

The second district added in the new map extension is the peaceful and scenic mountain village of Sonnstein. This district features rustic half-timbered houses and unspoiled natural surroundings which is the perfect place to enjoy the natural beauty and relax your legs on open, winding roads.

You will find the bus routes in this district to be some of the most scenic ones however they are also sometimes pretty challenging. The roads will have beautiful surroundings however the real challenge will come to drive a large bus and maneuver tight corners and steep inclines in the picturesque Sonnstein.

The map extension will allow you to enjoy both the new districts along with three friends in the game’s multiplayer mode. All other features present in the main game will also carry over to the map extension as well. You can head over to Bus Simulator 18 official Steam page if you want to purchase the game or simply head over the Official Map Extension page and purchase the map extension if you already own the game.

Bus Simulator 18 – Official Map Extension will release on May 22, 2019, on PC via Steam. It will cost $15.99. Bus Simulator 18 is available on Steam right now for $34.99. Bus Simulator is also releasing on consoles later this year.

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