Bossa Games Reveals New Epic Online Survival Co-Op Title Lost Skies

Lost Skies

Humble Games and indie development studio Bossa Games have announced a new online survival co-op title Lost Skies. Bossa Games is an independent British studio known for their previous titles including Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread and their latest project is Lost Skies. Lost Skies will first release on PC following a period of open development where the developers will work alongside the community to shape the game. Open development is a new, innovative process and is different from Early Access that we are currently used to.

Check out the reveal trailer for Lost Skies below before we jump into additional details:

In Lost Skies, you will team up with other players to explore a vast world made up of floating islands. The skies of the game will give you opportunities to build customized sky-ships, brave ferocious storms, battle monsters, and solve the mysteries of ancient civilizations, forgotten technologies, and the story of the shattered world. The new game is built on the ideas and gameplay of the previous title by Bossa game Worlds Adrift.

While it may share its gameplay with Worlds Adrift, it is an entirely new game based on co-op survival exploration. Whether you play solo or with up to five other companions, you can once again grapple, glide, climb, and sail across a massive open world of hand-crafted islands in the sky. Bossa Games has released the first developer diary for Lost Skies as well which gives us a little sneak peek into the game. Check it out below:

As of now, Lost Skies is only confirmed for a PC release however it will eventually arrive on additional platforms as well. During its development, players can jump into the game and share their feedback with the developers. The developer will offer vertical slices of gameplay and specific elements and mechanics for the players to experience and share their feedback. Based on this feedback, the developers will continue their work on the game. If you are interested in taking part in the open development process, the very first step is to join the game’s discord server.

Henrique Olifiers, Co-founder, and Gamer-in-Chief of Bossa Games comments:

We’re excited to show this first view of the world of Lost Skies. You can see from the trailer the kind of high-flying, exciting world we’re building for players to explore, and the co-operation that will help them to survive.

Using our open development method, we’ll be sharing with our community through every stage of development. Just as players will work together to explore the shattered world of floating islands, we’ll be working with them, using their feedback to inform our creative process, and including their designs in the game itself.

Lost Skies

Becky Sayers, head of content strategy at Humble Games also adds:

Bossa Studios is creating an extraordinary world in Lost Skies that is ripe for exploration and incredible adventures alongside friends. Skies not only showcases Bossa’s new direction as a studio but it expands the concept of what an indie game can achieve, setting the bar for the next generation of titles being published by Humble Games.

A Steam page for Lost Skies is now live and if you are interested in the game, you can head there right now and add the game to your wishlist. Additional details about the title will be revealed in the coming weeks and months.

Are you looking forward to playing Lost Skies and what are your thoughts on its official reveal? Let us know in the comments section below.

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