Borderlands 3 Gameplay Revealed, Skill Trees, Weapons, Microtransactions

Borderlands 3 Gameplay

Gearbox Software has just shown the gameplay of its upcoming Borderlands 3, set to release this year in September. The gameplay was an hour-long featuring tutorial and gunfights in new regions of the series.

The gameplay showed off some new features while still keeping the core style and gameplay of Borderlands.

The gameplay stream was hosted by CEO of Gearbox Randy Pitchford who showed the gameplay and controls. The biggest difference was the ability to mantle and slide, making movement more agile, compared to the previous games where the movement was pretty straightforward.

We were also shown reworked and expansive skill trees, which allow each playable character the access to develop three actions skills and swap between at the start. In the gameplay, we were shown Amara as a playable character from the Siren class. This class comes with abilities that include a Phaseslam attack, a Phasegrasp that lifts the enemy and holds them in place, and a Phasecast that allows the player to send astral projection forward that deals damage to anything that comes in the way.

Weapon features were also shown, where one pistol could now fire tracking bullets that can go towards the target you have chosen. This feature can come in as an alternative to the normal firing mode of the pistol.

Borderlands is always known to have a lot of weapons for players to try out, however, developers have now made sure that every weapon you pick comes with its own unique ability.

In previous Borderlands, all the parts on the guns – manufacturers were taking parts from other manufacturers. In Borderland 3, every manufacturer has their own parts. They’re not borrowing from other parts.

Another welcoming news is that you can now play Solo without any issues, while local and online co-op play is also an option where you can decide to share loot or not.

Randy Pitchford also cleared the air on microtransactions, stating that they will indeed exist in some form, but will not have loot boxes. This was confirmed by produced Chris Brock to be purely cosmetic items that will have no effect on the player’s ability. In addition, post-launch DLC is also confirmed, though no specifics were provided.

Borderlands is set to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 13. The PC version of the game will release as an Epic Game Store exclusive until April 2020.

What did you think of the gameplay reveal of Borderlands 3? Is there any feature you like or don’t like? Post your comments below.

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