BonusXP Working on Stranger Things Season 3 game – Official Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Stranger Things Season 3

BonusXP revealed gameplay trailer of Stranger Things Season 3 at The Game Awards. The game will follow the story from the events of its upcoming season. There was no mention of the release date of the game, however, it is likely that it will be released closer to when the show’s next season debuts on Netflix later in 2019.

Stranger Things Season 3 game takes classical 16-bit graphics and allows players to assume control of the series’ main cast which will appear in upcoming season. The gameplay showcased in the trailer did not leave any plot holes or clues as what will be the story line of the game, but, we speculate it may serve as a prequel to the upcoming season. In case you missed the trailer, watch here.

The gameplay trailer does not share enough information about Stranger Things Season 3 game, however, from the looks of it, it appear that they end up having to defend the mall that Steve works at, with the famed Scoops Ahoy.  The trailer also showed us Hopper, Steve, and Lucas all working together and taking out some street toughs that have a design similarity with Double Dragon or Streets of Rage.

Netflix and Telltale had previously agreed to work on Stranger Things game. This was before the debacle that happened at Telltale where the studio was left down to 25 number of employees only. The studio was in the final season of The Walking Dead game when it decided the layoffs.

A gameplay trailer was also leaked which was later taken down. It did not resemble with the currently released gameplay trailer from BonusXP. Could this mean NETFLIX is working on a different story telling of a Stranger Things game?

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