Blast Your Enemies in Bombing Quest, Launching on Steam Next Month

Preview Bombing Quest

Team Puh has announced that their brand new title Bombing Quest is releasing on PC via Steam next month. Bombing Quest puts you in the shoes of a dwarf who wakes up to find himself chained in an exosuit with no memory of his past. Surrounded by walls in an ancient temple, you must escape from the area with a friendly robot, the suit support unit, and mysterious shrines as your only guide.

After leaving the temple, you get to know that the builders of the temple have long been forgotten and the world you knew was no more. Humans now live over the ruins of the old empire, fierce monsters roam across the land while dangerous insects lurk in the shadows. All this time, ancient rusty automatons also dig towards the core of the world and only you are the last guardian of a mysterious ark.

Bombing Quest takes its inspiration from the classic Bomberman battle mechanic as you fight on a grid and plant bombs that explode in four directions. After entering a grid, you must think strategically about where and when to plant the bombs to make them most effective. Your bombs will damage you as well so your locations must avoid you and only damage the enemies or else you will end up killing yourself.

Check out the announcement trailer for Bombing Quest below.

As you play the game and progress through the levels, you will find components and gadgets that will serve as upgrades to your battle suit. These upgrades will help you make more bombs which are of greater strength, have more health or move around with increased speed. You will also obtain more skills as you play the game. Three major skills make up your arsenal in Bombing Quest include:

  • Regenerate – This skill heals the player, but in order to cast it — you need to collect the “soul” of your enemies.
  • Punch – Allows you to punch the bombs you plant so they fly across the grid before exploding.
  • Dash – This skill allows the player to pass through obstacles and dodge enemies.

Bombing Quest is slated for a March 2020 release on PC via Steam.

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