Bohemia Interactive Brings Vigor to PC with Steam Early Access in May

Vigor PC

Bohemia Interactive has announced an exciting development for fans of Vigor, the popular free-to-play looter shooter. After years of anticipation and numerous requests from the community, Vigor will be making its debut on PC through Steam Early Access in May. This marks a significant expansion for the game, which has already amassed a player base of over 20 million on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

The move to Steam Early Access signifies a major milestone for Vigor, as it steps into a new platform for the first time since its launch on PS4 and PS5 back in 2020. This launch on PC has been eagerly awaited by fans, especially given the game’s successful run on consoles for nearly five years.

Check out the PC release teaser trailer below:

To celebrate the Early Access launch on PC, Bohemia Interactive is introducing the Vigor – Reinforcements Pack, available for $19.99. This special pack not only grants access to Early Access but also offers exclusive in-game items, including a unique uniform, title, weapons, and consumables. Players who purchase this pack will be among the first to experience Vigor on PC and will receive additional perks to kickstart their journey in the post-war landscape of Norway.

It’s important to note that during Early Access, all player progress will be reset once the full release occurs. However, the contents of the Vigor – Reinforcements Pack will remain tied to the player’s account, ensuring that early adopters retain their exclusive items.

Early Access players will dive into Season 18 of Vigor, also known as Vigor Chronicles: Isolation. This season brings a host of new features, including the highly anticipated Smoke Grenade, the Eikevjen Shootout map, melee improvements, and the M14 assault rifle. Additionally, players will have a first look at the Weapon Overhaul, allowing them to test improved gunplay and provide feedback to the development team before the official release.

Vigor PC

With the Early Access phase planned for an initial period, Bohemia Interactive aims to gather valuable feedback from the PC community, fine-tune gameplay mechanics, and prepare for a full release later in 2024. Vigor fans can look forward to an immersive experience on PC as they navigate the challenges of post-war Norway in this thrilling looter shooter. Previously released seasons for Vigor included Absolution and Perseverance. Make sure to check out our review of the original Xbox release of Vigor in which we greatly liked the overall theme and mechanics of the game.

Would you be interested in playing Vigor when it launches on PC in Early Access next month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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