BLAST Rainbow Six Esports Announces Season 2024 Event Locations and Format Changes

Rainbow Six eSports 2024

BLAST and Ubisoft have unveiled the exciting lineup of event locations for the upcoming BLAST Rainbow Six esports Season 2024, with Canada and the United States joining the United Kingdom in hosting events for the new season.

Following the success of the Six Invitational 2024 in Sao Paulo, which saw record ticket sales and commercial partnerships for a Rainbow Six esports event, BLAST, and Ubisoft have outlined the schedule for Season 2024 and announced the location for the Six Invitational 2025.

Season 2024 promises to be a landmark year for the Rainbow Six esports community, with the United Kingdom, set to host its inaugural Major in May and the United States preparing to host its first-ever Six Invitational in early 2025.

BLAST and Ubisoft have unveiled the exciting lineup of event locations for the upcoming BLAST Rainbow Six esports Season 2024

The event locations for Season 2024 are as follows:

  • BLAST Rainbow Six Major Manchester, United Kingdom (May 16-26)
  • BLAST Rainbow Six Major Montreal, Canada (To be confirmed)
  • Six Invitational 2025 in the United States (To be confirmed)

Looking ahead to Season 2025, the Six Invitational 2026 is scheduled to take place in France, marking another significant milestone for the global esports event.

In addition to announcing the event locations, BLAST and Ubisoft have introduced some minor changes to the BLAST Rainbow Six ecosystem format and qualifying process for the upcoming season. These changes, announced in January, include a revamped Six Invitational points system, a qualifying process, and the reintroduction of Last Chance Qualifiers.

Tachanka Grenade Launcher

The updated Six Invitational points system will place greater emphasis on teams’ performances in Majors, while the Last Chance Qualifiers will provide additional opportunities for teams to secure their spot in the tournament.

With Season 2024 just around the corner and Stage 1 matches commencing the week of March 11th, Chrystina Martel, Executive Producer for BLAST Rainbow Six, expressed excitement for the upcoming season and highlighted the significance of the chosen host cities. Nelsen Garcia, Associate Director of Esports Live Experience at Ubisoft, emphasized the importance of bringing Rainbow Six Esports events to communities worldwide.

Fans are encouraged to stay updated on Open Qualifier announcements and detailed schedules through BLAST Rainbow Six esports regional accounts and the Ubisoft website.

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