Black Ops 4 Adds Pay-to-Win Structure in Blackout Update, Upsets Many Fans

Blackout Pay-to-Win

Activision has just introduced a new Black Ops 4 Blackout update that brings the Blackjack’s Stashes to the game. This is a pay-to-win feature that allows each player to unlock one of Blackjack’s Stashes per game.

Blackjack’s Stashes are essentially pay-to-win stashes as they contain all the Black Market weapons that you can fit in your inventory. This stash only available to players who have already unlocked them via Black Ops 4’s own loot boxes. What this does is bring powerful weapons to a battle royale mode of the game that gives an unfair advantage to players.

Of course, with the update, many players were upset and voiced their disapproval. Popular Call of Duty YouTuber Brad ‘Drift0r’ Overbey has also slammed the patch for introducing such a feature to Blackout.

Hey guys, Drift0r here. Today I’ve got more Modern Warfare gameplay for you because I refuse to play Black Ops 4 due to its monetization practices… with yesterday’s patch it does appear that at least ‘pay-for-advantage’ is here and this is closer to pay-to-win than any CoD game has ever been.

I know a lot of you want to change CoD for the better. And if you do, I have one simple solution: Just quit and play a different game. Right now, I’m telling you to quit playing CoD today, because there’s no point. You’re just going to get pumped for more money.

Many fans of the game were active on Reddit and voicing their opinions about the new update. It is interesting to see how Activision responds to the backlash and if they will reconsider this development in the game.

Activision is also going to release another Call of Duty Game, and this time it is Modern Warfare making a comeback in the series. It may be that the company wants to milk out as much as they can from Black Ops 4 before Modern Warfare is launched later this year. If so, it is undeniably a hit under the belt for many fans of the series and puts a bad taste for the company and its games in the future.

What do you think of the new Blackout update that brings pay-to-win feature? Post your comments below.

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