Blackout Alcatraz Map Returning To Black Ops 4 Today

Alcatraz Map

Call of Duty’s Alcatraz map is returning today to Black ops 4: Blackout. The map had been a part of the game when it seemingly came out of nowhere and stayed for an entire month. The map was suddenly removed from the game last week with no explanation of its removal by Treyarch.

Many fans were upset and voiced their displeasure following the removal of the map, but now it seems that the decision was only temporary, as developer Treyarch confirmed that the Blackout map will be returning today.

The best part of the announcement is that unlike all the new content for the game, the return of the Alcatraz map will go live on all platform at the same time. This means that no what platform you are playing on, whether a PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you will be able to jump on the map at the same time.

While the developer notes have not gone live, Treyarch also confirmed that the PC and Xbox One will be getting all the new content that was previously released for PlayStation 4 last week. This included the new Specialist Specter and the new “Wetworks” blackout map.

Lastly, Prop Hunt is also making its way for the PC and Xbox One on May 10. Prop hunt was recently introduced in the game for the PlayStation 4 players after it was announced back in February. Prop Hunt was first introduced in Modern Warfare Remastered as an official game mode, where players search the map for props and take them out to win.

Treyarch has given a few details of the Prop hunt Mode:

If you’ve ever played this fan-favorite game mode before, you know the deal: one team scatters to their best hiding places disguised as props throughout the map while the other team hunts them down.

In Black Ops 4, Hunters are equipped with an MX9 and a Concussion grenade to help flush out those pesky Props. Teams playing as Props are equipped with one Concussion, three Prop decoys, and two Prop changes, so players can disguise themselves as up to three different Props per round. But beware… changing to a new Prop in plain sight isn’t a great strategy if you want to survive the round.

Props will have 30 seconds to hide at the start of the round, and will whistle every 20 seconds to give the Hunters a clue of where to search. Each round lasts 4 minutes, or until every Prop is destroyed. Prop Hunt will be available on seven maps at launch: Seaside, Contraband, Militia, Frequency, Firing Range, Nuketown, Hacienda.

Have you played Alcatraz? What do you like about the map in the game? Also, are you excited to play Prop Hunt in Black Ops 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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