BioWare Apologizes For Anthem Legendary Drop Bug

Anthem Legendary Drop Bug

Bioware has had its fair share of issues with Anthem and now there is another one. It turned out that players are unable to pick up a Legendary drop item after 80 hours of grinding. While this might not be an issue for other games, Anthem is a looter shooter and the looting part of the game is broken. This Anthem Legendary drop bug is a serious issue.

Players have already boycotted the game in the past because they could not get enough loot and now that loot is on its way to getting fixed, players are unable to pick up drops. The Anthem Legendary drop bug is not the first issue with the game. Anthem has already got a lot of negative feedback and reviews. This is why it is one of the worst reviewed games that Bioware has made.

Bioware has released an official statement regarding the Anthem Legendary drop bug and the following is what Anthem lead producer Ben Irving had to say regarding the matter:

Until the patch lands, if you end up in this situation bring up your map and hold down LS (Left Stick) on the controller or Y on your keyboard, this will respawn you and should put you on the correct side of the fog wall. I have yet to see this fail to respawn you in the correct location.

He further went on to apologize to players that have experienced this kind of an issue. Right now we are not sure whether players will receive the items that they earned but could not pick or if Bioware will compensate them in one way or another.

Again I want to reinforce none of this is an excuse and I truly do apologize that we weren’t able to correct this prior to launch or until now. I can only promise we will do better by you and the community in the future and try to win your trust back.

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Let us know what you think about the Anthem Legendary drop bug and whether or not you have been affected by it as well.

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