New Biomutant Update to Bring Changes After Community Feedback

Biomutant Update

A new Biomutant update has been announced by the official Twitter account of the game. The developers have revealed they are working on a new Biomutant update that will bring changes to dialogues, narrator settings, difficulty settings, and more.

The update will also include bug fixes, but most of the changes will be based on community feedback.

Biomutant was just released late last month in May and has received mixed reviews where players complained of how empty the large open world seems and how the combat system has no depth.

We are working on the pacing of dialogues, narrator settings, difficulty settings, video settings like depth of field and motion blur, loot and enemy tuning as well as sound and combat.

While this update might not be huge in terms of the core gameplay changes, it is somewhat a start and an indication that community feedback is being heard by the developers. This can be a hopeful sign for the game and future content updates with hindsight to the community feedback.

The immediate changes the update will bring also include the narrator settings. This was something that many players complained about the narrator talking too much over any activity you do. The new settings will allow players to tweak the narrator setting and dialogue chances to balance the gameplay experience.

The announcement does not reveal any release date for the update, but that the team is currently working on it. We expect the new Biomutant update to launch in the coming weeks if not any time soon. Additionally, the update will be released on PC first, before it launches on consoles.

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Post your comments below and let us know what you think of the new Biomutant update and the changes it will bring to the game.

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