Big Hero 6’s Baymax set to Feature in the Upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 – Disney & Pixar Characters

Kingdom Hearts 3

A new released trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 by Square Enix showed off a lot of the Big Hero 6 world and the characters that will be featured in the game. The trailer was shown in the recent Playstation Lineup Tour which is a pre Tokyo Game Show event.

The trailer shows the opening scenes with Sora, Donald and goofy in San Fransokyo battling Heartless on the Golden Gate Bridge. Baymax then arrives and introduces himself along with his companion Hiro. The gang then teams up to fight with the enemies. This is our first peek of Baymax in action as well as battles we will get to fight alongside Hiro, GoGo, Honey Lemon and more.

Kingdom Hearts has also confirmed to feature new Disney and Pixar worlds including the Kingdom of Corona from Tangled, Andy’s Toy Box from toy Story and the world of Monsters.Inc.
The long awaited sequel will be the closing chapter in the saga, which is been told through the titles in the series over the years. Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to available on January 29, 2019 for Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Kingdom Hearts 3

There is however some good news for newcomers who are interested in Kingdom Hearts 3 as the game will include measures to inform new players on what transpired before the third title of the series, while refreshing the memory of those who may have forgotten the story of the game.

In a recent interview by VG247, Tetsuya Nomura discussed elaborated,

We have included several elements in Kingdom Hearts 3 to explain the story and get newcomers up to speed the minimum required level of understanding, including a series of videos to explain the story so far at the start of the game. I would be delighted if people who played Kingdom Hearts 3 took an interest in the series overall and went back to play the previous games as well.

Kingdom Hearts 3

While you wait for Kingdom Hearts 3, you can get a VR experience of the game by purchasing Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience which is a free 10 minute gameplay featuring iconic moments from the Kingdom Hearts games.

Are you excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 and the new characters coming in it? Let us know in the comments below.

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