BattleToads Gets a Cool New Gameplay Trailer at E3 2019

Battletoads Trailer

Battletoads just got a brand new cool trailer during Xbox’s E3 presentation and this is really the first time we are seeing the title in action. The game sees our favorite toads Zitz, Pimple and Rash come back to life in a brand new three-player beat-em-up game. The first title in the franchise was released nearly 28 years ago so this is indeed one of the best nostalgic announcement from today’s Xbox’s E3 2019 presentation.

The brand new Battletoads will feature the similar hand-animated design for the heroes as well the iconic bosses from the franchise but other than that it will come with full 4K visuals along with Xbox One X enhanced Ultra 4K HD visuals. The best aspect of this new Battletoads is the local couch coop feature which will allow three friends to jump in the game, choose their favorite toad and jump in some of the best beat-em-up action.

The trailer also shows some bosses from the original title as well as the most hated jet-ski level which was extremely difficult to complete back then. However this time around, we have a different perspective for this level and it appears that the developer DLALA might have made the level a little easier to complete as compared to the original one.

Check it the new trailer below.

Fans of the franchise will need to wait for a little to play this masterpiece as the developer is still busy making the game at this point but the new trailer for Battletoads is a sign that work is going well on the game and we might be able to play the game much sooner than we think. We would love to see more of this game soon and a demo will be just perfect to get us in the mood for the full game.

A release date for Battletoads is not known at this point however the title will come out exclusively on Xbox One and will be part of Xbox Game Pass as well.

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