Brand New Map Mercury is Arriving in Battlefield V This Week

Battlefield V Mercury

DICE and EA have released a brand new trailer revealing the first new map Mercury coming to Battlefield V later this week. The brand new map is arriving as a free update in Battlefield V and it is part of Chapter 3: Trial by Fire. The map is based on the massive invasion which took place on the Cretan Coast and is based on real-life WW2 events of the Operation Mercury.

Mercury is the first map based on the 1941 Operation Mercury and a second map based on the same operation will arrive at a later stage. Mercury will arrive in battlefield V on May 30, 2019, as a free update. The map will feature both British as well as German forces. The British will have access to tanks along with minimum air support while the Germans will dominate the air with their superior airplanes.

Check out the reveal trailer for Mercury below.

Earlier EA and DICE also announced that private servers are arriving soon in Battlefield V. These private servers will allow players to host matches on private servers with their own custom setting. The official release date for the private servers is not known at this point but EA might announce the date during its upcoming EA Play event which is taking place next month before E3.

DICE is also planning to release a lot more features and content updates for Battlefield V in the coming days. It is currently also supporting the battle royale mode Firestorm for Battlefield V which was released some time ago. Make sure to check out the guides for Firestorm below if you want to get better at the game.

Battlefield V is now out on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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