Battlefield V Firestorm Suffering in Australia/ NZ, Duos Removed Globally

Battlefield Firestorm

Dice and EA have been trying their best to make Battlefield V Firestorm better and attract more players to it since it was released. However, it appears like the mode is slowly dying for Battlefield V and things are not looking up too good for the game in Australia, New Zealand, and their surrounding countries.

DICE has removed Duos from the game globally because of fewer people playing it while players are reporting from New Zealand and Australia that Firestorm servers are near to shut down in their regions and players who are purchasing Battlefield V especially for Firestorm are unable to play the game for their intended purpose. This includes the complete continent of Oceania.

This was first revealed by a user named Ciaran Doherty who stated in a Reddit post that players are finding it very hard to play the normal Battlefield V at any time of day in any mode whereas the Firestorm is ‘effectively discontinued’ there. The main cause of all these issues is because of extremely high pings to Dice’s servers. He states:

For all intents and purposes, there is no such thing as Firestorm in this continent and to EA/DICE, your marketing material should reflect this. Please do not advertise Firestorm here, there are no players, no functional servers and no possibility for anyone buying the game for Firestorm to actually get what they paid for.

Below the initial comment, hundreds of angry fans have responded sharing the same experience with the game specifically Firestorm mode. At this point, DICE has not issued a statement on this topic but this is one of the main reasons behind people leaving Battlefield V. Dropping player count has led to the dropping of Duos mode from Firestorm completely.

The mode was added to the game some time ago by DICE as a limited-time event but fans wanted it to stay forever and DICE listened to the fans. But it seems like the player base has been dropping for the game because of which is not possible for DICE to support Solo, Duos and Squad modes for such a small player base. Because of this reason, Duos has been removed from the game.

With Battlefield V Firestorm popularity dropping down, DICE and EA should find a way to ensure that players remain loyal to the game. The first thing they should do is focus on making the servers better so that the people in the continent of Oceania can at least play the game if they want to. This will certainly help in increasing the player base for the game. DICE also announced recently that private servers are arriving in Battlefield V.

You can check out DICE’s official Reddit post as well as Ciaran’s Reddit post. If you are still playing Battlefield V Firestorm, make sure to read our guides below.

Battlefield V is now out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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