EA and DICE Showcase Battlefield V Chapter 4 New Maps Gameplay During EA Play 2019

Battlefield V Chapter 4 Maps

EA and DICE have just revealed the official gameplay from Battlefield V Chapter 4: Defying the Odds new maps during its EA Play 2019 event. The new maps revealed today include Marita, Lofoten Islands, Marita, and Al Sanden.

Apart from revealing new gameplay on the maps, we also got to know some updates that are coming to Battlefield V soon. Let’s start with the two maps detailed today during the event.

Marita sees Axis armies and US armies fighting each other for the control of the region. The map features a tight ridge and a small village. The US controls the town while the Axis must take over the region.

This map is mainly focused on infantry battle and tanks and planes will not be much use here. The map features open streets and buildings allowing infantry units to battle it out. The middle of the map will feature the most action.

Al Sanden is a much bigger map and players will engage in long-range battles in this map. This map features both land and air battles. This is a big map and players will need to use good use of vehicles including mounting guns, transports, and tanks.

There are three main points in the map and players will need to take control over these three points to take control of the map. Axis forces control these points from the start and the opposing forces will try to take them over.

Dice also revealed that some major game improvements are coming soon as well. The maximum rank if being increased in the game from 50 to 500 which is huge. Players will unlock new items to show off their levels such as dog tags as well. Players will also get access to their own private servers where they will be able to set up their own private games according to their own liking.

Private servers will go live in September 2019. A new map is also dropping in October however details will be revealed about the new map later in the year. With Chapter 4, the main focus of the developers is bringing tighter maps to focus more on infantry battles.

DICE and EA also revealed some information from Chapter 5 of Battlefield V which is taking players to the Pacific. US and Japan are entering the mix and players will play some of the most iconic battles from World War II as the US or Japanese army. The chapter will come with new weapons, vehicles, gadgets, and maps. More information on this will be revealed at a later time.

Which of the new Battlefield V Chapter 4 maps are you most excited to play? Let us know in the comments section below.

Battlefield V is now out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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