Battlefield 5’s Campaign Will Show German’s Perspective, Not a Hero Story

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The developers of Battlefield 5 have revealed that the last campaign War Story will let players play as Germans and it will show their perspective of the war. However, they have also said that it will not be a hero story.

Revealed in an exclusive interview to Eurogamer, the developers stated that the last War Story featured in the main campaign of Battlefield 5 will come out in December 2018 and it will be based on a German Tiger platoon and the missions will show the scope of World War 2 from their perspective.

The War Story will be set in the later stages of World War 2 at the point when German Forces are descending into chaos. At this point, one Tiger tank crew will begin to ‘question the ideology that got them to this point’.

This was revealed by Daniel Berlin who is the franchise design director at DICE in an interview to Eurogamer. The main reason for this inclusion was the immense good feedback they received with the tank main War Story featured in the Previous Battlefield game, Battlefield 1. This led the developers to want to include another tank War Story in the upcoming Battlefield 5.

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The developers also received feedback that players wanted to see the German side of the war as very few developers have venture to this side of the war. With Battlefield 5, the players will finally be playing as actual Germans. The developers have clarified that these are not Nazis and must be referred to as Germans only.

The main idea of choosing the Tiger tank above all tanks was also because of its importance in the history. Tiger tank was one of the deadliest battle machines used in the World War 2 and very few tanks have ever been this good in their times as the Tiger tank was. This was the tank that sparked fear in its enemies by just looking at one approaching them.

The last War Story is thus named The Last Tiger and it will feature the German Tiger tank in its full glory. This all makes sense because these are untold War Stories and thus German perspective was never really shown in any of the war games before. They are using the iron cross for representing the German Soldiers in the game.

Daniel also mentioned that since these are mostly considered hero stories, this one is not as while they might look like heroes since players will be destroying all the things and winning over everything, the tank crew will eventually start questioning themselves why they are even doing this. This is going to be a very unique perspective for the players and we cannot wait to try it out.

Personally we would love to see both sides of the war. German soldiers fighting for their country have their own stories to tell and learning a bit of history is always good. We have always seen one side of the battle and looks like this time we will see a little bit of the other side of the war as well with Battlefield 5.

Let us know in the comments section about what do you think about DICE including a German mission in the upcoming Battlefield 5.

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