Battlefield 5 Ray Tracing Optimization – Nvidia Releases Performance Update

Battlefield 5 Ray Tracing optimization

Nvidia has rolled out a performance update which focuses on Battlefield 5 Ray Tracing optimization. Battlefield 5 is the first game to receive ray tracing feature.

The game was not optimized properly on RTX series of graphics card and there were heavy dips in fps of Battlefield 5 since launch. The latest Nvidia drivers, 417.22, resolves Battlefield 5 Ray Tracing optimization and it addresses the issue and there is big performance jump now for RTX graphic cards users.

The ray tracing provides real time shadows and fidelity in object’s reflections. The feature is only available in newly released Nvidia GeForce RTX series of graphics cards. The ray tracing is absent in older generation of Nvidia based architecture graphics cards. Even if you have a 1080Ti, you can not enable ray tracing feature in Battlefield 5.

After the latest Nvidia update, players should be able to get a higher fps while playing Battlefield 5. The RTX 2080 Ti owners will now be able to run Battlefield 5 at 1440p at over 60fps at DXR ultra preset.

The RTX 2080 users will be able to run Battlefield 5 at 1440p at over 60fps at medium quality. While the RTX 2070 GPUs are promised over 60fps at 1080p with the medium preset.

Nvidia also released a video officially pointing out the how they did Battlefield 5 Ray Tracing Optimization. It is really interesting to see developers working hard to stand out Nvidia RTX graphic cards from others. Watch out the video here.

Here is the detailed changes tha NVIDIA and DICE has made for Battlefield 5.

  • Made stability improvements while running the game with DXR ray tracing on.
  • Improved performance of several components of the ray tracing implementation.
  • Improved ray tracing performance against foliage and vegetation.
  • Using frame buffer data, where applicable, to increase overall ray tracing quality.
  • Removed inactive geometry from ray traced scenes.
  • Fixed medium quality setting not applying correctly.

The new Nvidia drivers are available as of this moment, head over to official GeForce website to download the drivers for your system.

Are you playing Battlefield 5 since launch? How has your experience been so far with RTX graphics card? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.

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