Batman Court of Owls Game Teased in Tweet, Possible Batman Game in 2019 ?

Batman Game

A tweet has recently surfaced the internet and it suggests that Warner Bros Montreal maybe working on Batman game, Batman Court of Owls. It is clear at this point that Warner Bros’s Rocksteady Studio is not working on Superman game then what other game is Warner Bros onto for the year 2019?

The teaser came from the tweet of an employee wearing a shirt whose logo resembles very close to the Court of Owls. It is currently unknown if Batman Court of Owls will become a reality or this is just a regular every day tweet. Whatever it is, it has received significant amount of attention

If Batman Court of Owls really becomes true, it will be interesting to see how Warner Bros Montreal picks up its story. It must be noted that Court of Owls is a secret society of Gotham’s richest and oldest families. The Court of Owls have existed since colonial-era Gotham and they have operated from shadows to produce their own vision of Gotham city. Their army is group of undead assassins called Talons.

Batman Court of Owls

The Court of Owls have always been associated with Batman. This gives us enough room to speculate that if project becomes true, it will be a Batman game and not any other side project.

It will be a refreshing experience to see Batman Court of Owls, if it is made into a project. Warner Bros has had good enough success with Batman Arkham series and now is high time to venture new horizons that Batman universe is capable of.

Warner Bros Montreal will not be there at The Game Awards 2018 show. The show is said to reveal some new games along with release dates of games. Since Warner Bros Montreal will be absent from the event, Batman fans will have to wait more for any confirmation of this speculation.

Are you excited to know about a possibility of new Batman game? Will it release in 2019? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.



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