Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Enemies Guide – All Enemy Types, Tips for Defeating

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Enemies Guide

In this Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Enemies Guide, we will guide you on different types of enemies that you will encounter in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. As you travel the lands of ancient Greece, you will come across many different types of enemies that will really test your mettle on the field. Each enemy has unique attacks so the strategy to take them down in also unique.

We have curated this Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Enemies Guide for you in which we have detailed all the different types of enemies that you will come across while travelling the lands and how you can easily defeat them. We will detail their weapons and their fighting style, which will give you a clear direction on how to approach each type of enemy and defeat them easily.

Enemies Guide – Assassin Creed Odyssey

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Enemies Guide details everything that you need to know about enemies in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.


Bandits are not professionally trained fighters but they can still cause trouble for you every now and then. There hideouts are usually filled with enemies and hence their sheer numbers cause much trouble fighting them. They prefer guerrilla warfare and using poison. You will encounter following types of thugs during your journey.


Thugs are equipped with swords and they are the basic soldiers in their ranks. They have low health but they have the nasty habit of diving away and then running back to punch their enemies in the face, which staggers them. Dodging helps to avoid this annoying attack and ranged attacks are the most powerful against these low-life thugs.


Archers are ranged thugs and come equipped with bows and arrows instead of a sword. Just like normal thugs, they have very low health but they can shoot poison arrows at you. They are sometimes accompanied with guard dogs and they will keep shooting at you even in close range. They are easily killed with melee or ranged combat.


Rogues are fast, dual wielding enemies who will make your life hell in a fight. With medium health, their quick attacks are very hard to block and to top it off; their blades are coated in poison as well. They will easily poison you if you are not careful. Knock them down and finish them off before they can get back up. If you do get poisoned, find some water or use Second Wind.


Brutes are the muscle of Bandits faction. They have huge health and come equipped with heavy blunt weapons, which are very hard to parry. Unlike other big enemies, they are also quick on their feet and they will attack you much quicker than most heavy enemies in the game will. Ranged attacks are recommended against them or if you can know them down, do not let them get back up.


Enforcers are all muscle but no brain enemies. They deal massive damage with their dual wielded heavy blunt weapons and boast huge amounts of health. Their only weakness is also their strength. As they attack their enemies with all their might, their complete focus is on the attack which leaves their defenses open. Dodge their attacks and quickly land some hits on their backs. Dodge, kick and attack is the way to go with them.

Followers of Ares

Followers of Ares is another faction in the game who have devoted themselves to the God of War, Ares. They are very aggressive and this aggression sometimes lead to their death as they do not care much for defense. You will encounter them in caves and other isolated areas in the game. Pain does not scare these devotees of Ares.


The main soldier of their ranks. They have low health and are equipped with basic swords. Followers are easiest to kill and do not have any sort of special abilities in the fight other than they start swinging their swords when their health is low. Use melee or ranged to dispose them quickly.


Fanatic are big and feature medium health. They use heavy bladed axes are weapons and prefer to whirl it around themselves. Their attacks are wide and ranged. Be careful while fighting them as their axes can reach great distances when they swing them around making it hard to dodge them. Dodge the attacks and then get it close for some counters before they can swing again.


Elders use spears and although they might not look very tough, they are the toughest enemies in their ranks featuring a large amount of health. Elders are very good at returning the favor, which means that every time you land an attack on them, they will counter-attack. Slower and stronger attacks are recommended against them. The best way to deal with them is to knock them down.

Spartan Army

Spartans love to kick. After every attack, they will counterattack with a kick. Sometime they will counterattack with leaping attacks as well. They are aggressive by nature and sometimes become enraged in battle further increasing damage done and unable to be staggered. They are one of the toughest enemies found in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.


They are equipped with spear and have low health. They will leap at you to attack with their long spears and will try to unbalance you often. Parrying helps in their case as they will be staggered giving you time to move in and finish them off. We recommend that you stick to long range with them, as they have no shields to block arrows.


Hypapists are heavy, feature large amounts of health and use heavy bladed axe as their main weapon. They are slow to attack but their each attack will leave a mark on you. Their attacks are wide and they can cover a large area with a single attack when they swing their axes around. They can also leap and land a powerful slam attack, which has splash damage. You cannot block most of their attacks so just keep moving and jab at it at any chance that you get. Ranged attacks work well too although they do not deal too much damage.


These are good Spartan warriors equipped with swords and feature medium health. They are swift attackers and some of their attacks are unblockable. This creates a confusion as to block or not to block as their unblockable attacks are mixed in the normal ones. If they get angry, they will get enraged and you will not be able to stagger them in this condition. You can try knocking them down or use ranged weapons against them.


Hoplites are big armored brutes who come equipped with a spear, shield and massive amounts of health. They swing their axes in a wide and long distance, which can easily hit you and stagger you. They can also hide behind their shields and they also become enraged with their shields up which is when you should avoid them at all costs. Shield Breaker works very well against them.


These are big Spartan leaders with large amounts of health, a heavy halberd and a large shield as their main weapons. They deal a large amount of damage and their enraged timers are also greater than all other Spartan soldiers. You can only move their shields aside with charged heavy attacks and to break their shields, you will need to use a Tier 2 Shield Breaker.

Daughters of Artemis

Daughters of Artemis prefer ranged attacks and fire coupled with tamed predators. They are mostly found in the wild in their makeshift camps but they are a very rare sighting in general.


Huntresses are equipped with bows and swords. They will shoot flaming arrows at you, which will cause burn damage. You can pick between ranged or close melee combat to eliminate them are they have low health and do not pose much of a threat.


They come equipped with bow and dual wielded weapons. They have low health but they can set you ablaze from a long distance. If you get up close to them, you should be ready for their blazing fast attacks. Parrying works best against them. Stagger them and then knock them down to kill them.

Beast Master

Beast Masters are always accompanied by predators who will attack on sight. They are armed with heavy halberd and boast a medium health pool. They attack slowly but their bombs and tamed predator makes up for their own sluggishness. Kill their animal and they will become enraged dealing more damage and becoming immune to staggering. We recommend that you kill the beast master first and then the animal. You can also stick to long range and eliminate the beast master, which will not cause the animal to rush at you.

Athenian Army

Athenians are very good defenders and you will find most of their soldiers wielding a shield with a weapon of their choice. Even enemies who do not use shields are excellent at parrying attacks. When they reach low health, they will try to run from the fight and patch themselves up so they can return fresh to the battle.


These are their low rank soldiers equipped with sword and shield. They have low health and use the shield for their defense. You can use parry or heavy attacks to make their shield go away and leave them vulnerable for an attack. Abilities like Shield Breaker, Bull Rush or Sparta Kick are also useful for getting rid of their annoying shields.


These are much bigger soldiers who prefer using heavy bladed axe with a shield. They also feature a large health. They will swing their axes around and plough into enemies with their shields drawn in the front. To attack them, you will need to dodge out of the way and then try hitting them from the back. Try to parry their second attack move as the first one is impossible to parry. Stagger them or break their shield and you will have an easy fight on your hands.


Archers are low health, low level soldiers in the Athenian ranks. They are equipped with bows and arrows and can use fire arrows as well. Get in close to kill them quickly or use ranged attacks from a distance to quickly kill them. They do not pose much threat but could be annoying while you are trying to fight bigger enemies.


These soldiers are equipped with a sword but are well armored than normal soldiers. They have medium health and their attacks are quick and mixed which can be really confusing sometimes to parry. Parry their attacks and stagger them to easily dispatch them.


These large enemies come equipped with spear, a large shield, a lot of intimidation and a large health pool. Their big helmets are alone to tell the story of their attacks. They will mostly remain on defense with their shields drawn and will only attack when they see a window. They can also dodge your attacks. Use charged heavy attacks to knock their shields out of the way and jab some hits quickly. Your Shield Breaker must be tier 2 to break their huge shields. If you cannot break their shields, dodge and attack quickly from their behind to kill them.


Marksmen are equipped with both bow and the sword. They also have large health making them the hardest of all Athenian soldiers. They will try to remain at a distance during the fight and will shoot some quick shots at you followed by some arrows. They can parry your attacks if you manage to get close to them. Dodge roll is perfect for avoiding their arrows. While in close range, stagger them or knock them down to dispose them quickly otherwise stick to long range and keep rolling to avoid their attacks.

Cult Guards

These are perhaps the most difficult enemies present in the game. They boast strong defence and attack and are the most heavily defended enemies in the game. Getting past their shields and defenses is the real challenge, once you are past them, killing them is much easier.


Guardians use sword and large shields to tackle their enemies. They also feature medium amount of health, which is another big problem. They can parry nearly all your attacks and those they cannot parry, they will block with their large shields. Use Tier 2 Shield Breaker to get past their large shields or parrying is yet another great option since they use swords to attack. Ranged attacks are useless so stick to close combat with them.


They come equipped with heavy halberd and a large shield. They also have huge amounts of health and even bigger helmets. They will defend themselves with their large shields and will swing their axes around in a wide range to attack enemies. Their attacks can also be not parried which is yet another problem. Dodging is the only way to avoid their attacks. We recommend that you use fire or poison attacks against them to keep the damage flow going even when you are not trying to hit them.


Scions are a nightmare to kill. They come equipped with heavy halberd with a medium health pool. They are extremely fast and the aces of counterattacking and dodging. They will dodge most of your attacks or counterattack after every attack. They also come with a big list of attacks they can perform and you will running around most of the time trying to avoid them. Your best bet in killing them is to use parry or perfect dodge to attack at the right time or simply attack them after their long attack combos have finished.

This concludes our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Enemies Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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