Apex Legends Season 2 ‘Battle Charge’ Brings Wattson, Ranked Leagues, More

Apex Legends Battle Charge

Just in time for its release, Respawn Entertainment has shared two brand new trailers for the upcoming Apex Legends Season 2 called Battle Charge. The new trailers detail the story and the new features that are arriving in Battle Charge. Apex Legends was in a bad shape since the first season was pretty boring however it seems like Season 2 is going to bring a lot more content to the table.

The most important change coming to Apex Legends is the map changes which are because of the EMP blast caused by Wattson. The barrier preventing the deadly creatures surrounding King’s Canyon is down and hence there’s nothing to prevent them from entering the map. There are new ways to kill your enemies now as we have the flying beasts as well as the huge but slow moving Brachiosaurus variants of Apex Legends that can crush players like ants.

Apart from these monsters, the map will also undergo some changes and places like Shattered Forest, Wetlands and Cascades will see some huge changes due to the EMP explosion. The terrain will also get more rugged and players will be required to adapt to these new changes to get an advantage over the competition. The game is also bringing a new emote type called Skydive Emotes which will allow players to show off while they land.

Battle Charge will also come with a brand new Ranked system which is highly detailed and much better than before. With the new system in place, players will start fresh at Bronze IV level and if they manage to secure a good position, they might be placed higher in the next series. Players who perform well in matches will earn Ranked Points (RP) which will allow them to rank up the tiers.

Players who manage to kill players during a match will earn 1RP and the maximum RP to be earned in a match is 5RP. Higher placements at the end of the match will also result in higher RP. Top 10 will win players 2RP, Top 5 4RP, Top 3 7RP and if you come out at the top, you will earn 12RP.

Apex Legends Battle Charge

However, an important thing to note here is that you will only earn RP of the position if you are in. If you place 1st, you will only earn 12RP and not the RP combined of all the positions below you. Ranked Matches will also require an entry fee however it is not that high to ruin your day. The Bronze tier is free to play however as you move up in Rankings, the cost of one match will be:

  • Silver – 1RP
  • Gold – 2RP
  • Platinum – 3RP
  • Diamond – 4RP
  • Apex Predator – 5RP

Apex Legends Battle Charge

This shows that Respawn wants only the serious and dedicated community in the higher tier levels. The ranking system is pretty tough and it will really set the amateurs apart from the pro players. In addition, the new season will bring some new character and weapons skins as well. From the trailer, we can see a brand new skin for both Caustic and Octane. A brand new legend Natalie ‘Wattson’ Paquette and some new weapons including the L-Star plasma machine gun are also coming to the game.

Are you looking forward to playing Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Charge? Let us know in the comments section below.

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