Apex Legends Season 2, Wattson New Support Legend Revealed

Apex Legends Wattson

Apex Legends Season 2 is revealed to Battle Charge and it is going to launch on 2 July 2019. The second season comes with a new battle pass, a new legend, a new rewards system, and a new LMG weapon.

The first thing to be revealed was the to be L-Star, which is a powerful LMG from Titanfall 2 as fans may remember. This Gold weapon comes in care packages only, with limited ammo just like the Legendary weapons. As you know, both Mastiff shotgun and the Kraber Sniper Rifle come with special ammo that comes pre-loaded in the guns. The same seems to be the case for the L-Star, which means you cannot pick up the ammo from the ground.

The new Legend that was also revealed is Wattson, who is the 10th Legend to come in the game after Octane. She is seen to specialize in electric abilities and can create strong defenses made of electric walls or fences as her active ability. She can be seen placing electric nodes that create electric fences. When an enemy crosses these fences, they get slowed down and vulnerable to attacks.

The biggest change they will bring is the reduced time it will take players to reach level 100 from the start of the battle pass tiers. Season 2 will be much reduced compared to Season 1, which we have to admit was a grind. Horn explains that the way this would be sped up is with the help of challenges that will be weekly, along with daily challenges as well.

Lastly, the Legendary Hunt event is also coming this month with al all new Apex Elite queue that features XP and Battle Pass boosts, as well as exclusive skins. This legendary hunt works by placing you in an elite queue after you have placed top five in different matches. This limited time mode is going to run until June 18. This weekend is also going to the first double XP event where you can earn more XP to progress in your battle pass.

What do you think of Wattson as the new legend in Apex Legends Season 2? Post your comments below.

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