Apex Legends Season 2 Trailer Leaked, Features New Legend and Map Changes

Apex Legends Leak

The season 2 trailer for Apex Legends has been leaked ahead of its official release today. The leak was posted online on Reddit where the cinematic trailer features the new Wattson Legend, new weapons, and the new map changes that can make the gameplay interesting.

The trailer is officially going to release today at 10 pm PT, but the leak has already been posted online multiple times. The most interesting thing about the trailer was the map changes and how it explains the events that lead to the map changes. Take a look at the leaked trailer below:

We first see the Legends in action, along with Wattson, the new electric focused Legend. The trailer is cinematic, so it’s hard to guess the gameplay features of Wattson in action. We also get to see the new weapon and the customization that is expected in Season 2.

The trailer shows Wattson trying to activate the Repulsor Tower, which then proceeds to blast out a signal through all corners, and proceeds to crash down. Immediately after the collapse of the tower, a warning announces for all remaining Legends to evacuate the arena.

The effect of the signal causes various creatures all around the map to respond and head into the battle arena directly. We then get to see flying creatures diving down towards the Legends. It is unclear if these creatures are going to be a part of the gameplay. If they do, it would vastly change the gameplay style or the experience.

Apex Legends Leak

The signal also allows the Leviathans to enter the arena itself. Leviathans are the giant dinosaur-like creatures that you can see outside of the map, standing in the water. This may be a new change in the map where the giant creatures would roam around in the arena, but it is unlikely if they would be part of the gameplay or would react to the gunfight or combat.

Of course, all of this has yet to be confirmed by Respawn as we wait for the official release of Season 2 on July 2. The season was announced this month at E3, where a new legend was also shown. Wattson is the new legend that is coming to the game along with a new L-Star weapon.

The leak confirms the previous rumors about flying creatures making an entrance in Apex Legends. Last March, we reported about data miners finding hints of flying creatures in the game files.

What do you think of the trailer? Post your comments below.

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