Anthem Rumored to Go Free-to-Play Soon

Anthem free to play

A new rumor has surfaced according to which Bioware’s trouble child Anthem might go free-to-play soon. EA and Bioware are planning to bring the title to EA Access which will mean that all EA subscribers will have access to the game as long as their membership is active.

The new rumor comes from MMOGFails who claim that they’ve heard this from an anonymous source who is pretty close to both EA and Bioware. The rumor also claims that the source also states that Bioware things that players and different controversies that have been circulating around since the game’s launch are to be blamed for game’s poor performance.

They are also blaming EA for releasing the game too early and that it needed more time to be polished in different aspects. It also states that Bioware is indeed planning to support Anthem despite its poor sales and performance and fixing the game along the way as well. For attracting and retaining players however, going free is a worthwhile try and the developer and publisher both want it to happen.

Ever since its release Anthem has been stirring up fans with its many problems and glitches. There’s also literally no end game content in the game so once you are done with the main story, you do not have enough left behind to do in the game which is one of the major problems in Anthem and literally nothing has been done so far to fix it.

Bioware is currently fixing the core of Anthem before it can finally think about the end game aspect of the game. Adding more content is at one side, Bioware recently removed Elysian Chests from the game which were one of the end game ideas and were implemented quite recently in the game. This just shows that Bioware is still experimenting with the game about what should be added to it and what should be removed from it.

The developer has since apologized numerous times to its players and vowed to fix the game. There has been no official announcement by both EA and Bioware so this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt. This might never happen because Bioware is still working on the game and we are sure that they do not expect much to come out of it but you never know. Anthem might be the next No Man’s Sky.

What are your experiences with Anthem and are you still playing the game? Will you play Anthem if it goes free-to-play? Let us know in the comments section below.

Check the source of the leak at MMOG Fails.

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