Anthem Player Gets Refund On False Advertisement And Fraud Claim

Anthem Refund

Anthem players are not happy with the game and one of them claimed false advertisement and fraud and got a refund from Amazon. Sony was giving refunds when the game came out even though Sony has a very strict refund policy but this Anthem player got a refund after playing the game for a long time.

The player argued a case of “false advertisement and fraud.” The player also took to Reddit to voice his concerns and the following is what he had to say in this regard:

Frankly, I don’t see why I am not entitled to get my money back on a product that was wrongly advertised. Because that’s what happens, and I think what people need to realize is that this is no small matter, what Bioware and ultimately EA did is illegal. They advertised the product with an attached roadmap and now that ‘promise’ has been broken. You can make any argument about the state of the game, but you can’t deny this specific point.

We have talked about how the E3 2018 demo of the game is different from the actual game and how players have been deceived. Bioware lied to the players and is now facing a backlash. We have learned that most of the talent behind the game has moved on to Dragonage 4 and this could mean that Bioware is giving up on Anthem.

Anthem Refund

Now that this player has got a refund, it is possible that others will come forward and make their claims in order to get a refund on Anthem as well. It will be interesting to see how retailers cope with this. The Anthem player went on to mention the following:

So I was quite ready to fight for my money, but was pleasantly surprised with the Amazon customer service, because they clearly knew what’s up.

If you bought the game from Amazon then there is a chance that you can get your money back as well. I for one was very interested in playing the game but now I am happy that I did not buy it. Playing the VIP demo was bad enough for me and I did not bother getting the game.

We even learned that the E3 demo was faked and that most of the game was made after the demo was shown to the people. Fans have boycotted the game before and I think that Bioware is just giving up at this point.

It is sad to see that fans have lost confidence in Bioware. First, we had issues with Mass Effect Andromeda and now we have a completely broken game. I do not know if Dragonage 4 is going to be worth pre-ordering. You might be better off waiting for the reviews to come out first.

Let us know what you think about this Anthem player getting a refund and whether or not you want one too.

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