Anthem Demo Releases in February 2019 – Gameplay Trailer Shown At PAX West


Electronic Arts has announced a VIP demo for Bioware’s Anthem to be released on February 1, 2019. This demo will be available to EA/Origin Access subscribers on PC and Xbox One. The demo will also be available for pre order customers which will include the PS4 console users as well.

The announcement came in the ongoing PAX West 2018 in the EA’s panel. Anthem’s lead producer Mike Gamble noted that the demo will not be a test or a beta of the game, but rather a “slice of our game.”

Anthem is a sci-fi RPG game that casts players in the world as Freelancers, who are soldiers equipped with a Javelin. This is a high-tech exosuit that allows flying around the environment completing quests and fighting enemies. The game can be played solo or co-op. EA has also confirmed the release date of the full game to be February 22, 2019.

Anthem – Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay trailer that was shown in PAX West 2018 gave us quite a bit of information regarding the gameplay of Anthem. The reveal of the trailer showed fans the “Our World: My story” plot story which will try to seamless blend the single player story with an open, shared multiplayer world.

Most of the single player aspect of Anthem is role-playing and relationship building with the NPCs inside of Ford Tarsus. Outside of Fort Tarsus is an open world for you explore alone or with a group of players. This also suggests that all the combat sequences will happen outside in the open world and all the relationship with NPC will be in Ford Tarsus.


The character customization feature of the game is limited but allows you to select a male or female gender and facial features. The focus of customization is more towards your Javelin exosuit where you can select different colors and upgrades etc. This is because the game is mainly first person view and the exosuit covers the whole face of your character during most of the gameplay.

Anthem is set to be released February 22, 2019 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC. Are you excited for the Bioware’s new title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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