Anthem Content Roadmap, VIP Demo Surprise, Enemy Javelins And More

Anthem Content Roadmap

Anthem is going to have a VIP demo later today and with the game so close to release we are getting new information regarding the game and what it will have to offer. Casey Hudson, the general manager of Bioware has confirmed that an official Anthem content roadmap will be released soon so that players will have a better understanding of what is coming ahead.

Anthem Content Roadmap

Right now there is little that we know in terms of an actual Anthem content roadmap but what we do know for sure is that Anthem will not have any season pass or paid DLC. The content will be free for players no matter which version of the game you get. This is a great move from Bioware and I also appreciate how vocal and transparent the team has been about the game on social media.

The following is what Hudson had to say about the upcoming Anthem content roadmap:

We will soon reveal more details about our plans on how we intend to support the continuous flow of content and features.

While content like the story and missions will be free for everyone, there are microtransactions in the game and you might have to pay for future Javelin suits. This is something that Bioware has not finalized yet so we are not sure but it is possible. It will be interesting to see what Bioware has planned for the future of Anthem when the official Anthem content roadmap is released but the developers have confirmed that the launch content will be enough to keep players busy for 3 months.

VIP Demo Surprise

For starters, people that play the VIP demo can also play the open demo. You progress and gear will carry forward and the developers mentioned that there is a surprise for players who play both demos. We are not sure what this surprise is. It could be additional content. With the open demo around the corner, we will find out soon enough.

The developers also mentioned how long the demo will be. Bioware representatives stated the depending on how you play the game, it will last you around 7-8 hours. You get to play 3 missions and you also have access to a stronghold which will be a time-consuming challenge. Other than that, you also have free-roam, so you could play through the whole weekend if you are interested in exploring the world of Anthem.

Enemy Javelins And More

During a live stream, a fan asked the developers whether they would face enemy javelins as well. While the developers did not give a clear yes, they did mention that fans will have plenty of interesting enemies. We have already seen an antagonist in a Javelin so it is more than likely that we will have to face other javelin pilots as well.

Anthem content roadmap

Bioware also mentioned that they have been testing the javelins with hammers and different melee weapons and that the mechanic of the game is powerful enough to adapt to such weapons. While there is no confirmation regarding the matter. It is possible that we could get swords and hammers in the future.

The demo is available for pre-load whether you have the VIP access or are interested in checking out the free demo. You can download it well in advance. Bioware has mentioned that the content roadmap for Anthem is flexible and can be changed according to feedback from the fans.

We will keep you updated regarding the game so stay tuned for more information. Also, let us know what you would like to see in the upcoming Anthem content roadmap.

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