Anthem Might Have 2 Visual Modes for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X


Bioware has revealed that like most modern games, Anthem will also feature two different visual modes for Anthem for players playing on the powerful 4K variants of both current gen consoles, Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

This was revealed by Mark Darrah on Twitter who responded to a question recently. He was asked that will players be able to switch between getting good frames or higher graphics and he replied that the studio is looking forward to implementing this with Anthem. You can check his official tweet before.

This practice has been quite normal for a lot of games recently which come with a performance mode and a visual mode. The titles are not multi-platform games only as some of the best exclusives such as God of War also has two visual options so that players can choose between better visuals or smoother framerates according to their need.

These visuals options are still limited when compared to PC versions but it is a start. Currently, players can either opt for smoother frames which reduces certain visual affects to ensure that the console churns out a steady 60fps or they can switch to the more graphic focused visuals which makes the game look much better but the frames are not steady and stay around 30.

It looks like Bioware is also planning to make the 2 different visual options a standard for the upcoming Anthem which will allow players to choose any one of the two graphic options if they are playing on PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. Only few games have so far managed to churn out solid 60 frames on these consoles due to limited hardware.

If you are interested in seeing 40 minutes of exclusive Anthem gameplay, check out the video below.

Bioware may reveal more details to the visual options in the future as there is still time in game’s launch. Bioware is slated for release on February 22 and will come out on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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