Pre-Load of Animal Crossing New Horizons is Available Now

Animal Crossing New Horizons Pre-load

The much-awaited new title Animal Crossing New Horizons is inching closer to its release date, as its pre-load has just gone live over at the Nintendo eShop. The game is currently available on the online store for $59.99 and you pre-load it for instant access on the launch date.

When you do buy the digital version of the game, a pre-load option allows you to download the game file which sits at 6.2GB in size. The official release date is set for March 20, which gives you plenty of time to pre-load the game on your Nintendo Switch.

Animal Crossing New Horizons will be the latest title in the series, as it comes after eight years since the last title Animal Crossing New Leaf was launched for the Nintendo 3DS portable console. We got some brief gameplay footage and details last year at Nintendo’s E3 2019 presentation.

The live demo showed what the upcoming game would feature on the Nintendo Switch, as commented by developers Aya Kyogoku and Hisashi Nogami. The demo was showed us new crafting mechanics and outdoor decoration, while also discussing the setting, multiplayer and the basics of island life.

Apart from the various gameplay features, a few new noticeable features are also going to be making their additions in the new game. This includes crafting, Nook Miles, and Multiplayer. The demo showed last year gave us a look at how you can craft your own furniture, desks and lots more. The game also has many crafting recipes allowing you to get the right types of resources to build your preferred item.

Nook Miles is a new feature that is also coming to Animal Crossing which works similarly to how airline miles work, but you gather miles from traveling or performing certain actions like crafting. Nook Miles can then be exchanged or new items to use in your home. These rewards are given out little activities such as picking out a weed.

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