Analogue Reveals Mega Sg for Sega Fans, Time to Remove the Dust from Cartridges

Mega Sg

Analogue, the company behind creating modern Nintendo consoles such as the Nt Mini and Super Nt allowing players to play their classic cartridges on modern TVs is now taking on the Sega’s Classic console lineup. Analogue has revealed their Mega Sg which is essentially an all-in-one Sega console which will able to play around 2,100 cartridges classic.

Analogue announced that after Nintendo, they are planning to switch their attention to Sega and in a bid to bring their classic games back to life, their first console in this attempt is the Mega St which is an essentially a Modern Sega console with all modern goodies a console comes with however it will let players to play Mega Drive, Master System and Sega Genesis cartridges.

Mega Sg will feature HDMI support to display all classic games on modern televisions with better visuals and sound quality. High resolution visuals are part of this upgrade. Players can even opt for a side adapter which will allow them to play Sega CD games on it as well. Currently however, 32x  is not supported however it may be added in the final version that comes out.

The console will come in four different color variations. One of them will be white and the other three will be black. However, the black ones will be according to the three regions specific for which the console was originally released for which were Europe, Japan and America.

Sega Sg

It will support all game cartridges that were released for Sega Genesis, Mega Drive and Master System and the main system behind this compatibility is that the system will not be emulating these games. The company specially developed an Altera Cyclone V FPGA chip which will ensure complete compatibility without any problems that normally come with emulations.

Through this chip, the console and the game will be able to communicate directly by bypassing all emulation making it the perfect modern Sega console to come out in the market that plays classic games. Apart from this, the Mega SG will also come with the YM2612 sound chip which will ensure that the original sound is not harmed in any way.

Since the classic consoles received many add-ons so Analogue has thought of that already. They will be releasing adapters for Sega’s Mark III, Sega MyCard, Game Gear, SC-3000 and SG-1000 sometime later in 2019. If you still have some classic Genesis controllers with you, they will be fully compatible with the new Mega Sg console.

Special wireless controllers, M30 matching with the new console by 8Bitdo will also come out with the console but they will not be included in the box. Fans will be able to purchase them separately. You can use the wireless ones or the classic ones with the console without any problems.

Analogue has made sure that the authentic experience of the Sega’s classic consoles are brought to life with the new Mega Sg console. It will also come with much needed modern features. The pre-orders for the console are now open for $189 and the console will be released for the fans in early 2019. Confirmed date is yet to be released as some publications report it to be March while some claim it to be April.

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