AMD Details Zen 2 Server Chip, Mainstream Processor Will be Introduced Next Year

Zen 2

AMD staged ‘Next Horizon Event’ yesterday and it was all about revealing GPUs, server CPUs and mainstream CPUs based on 7nm architecture. AMD provided the hardware details of its Zen 2 architecture that will be utilized as server chip and also as a precursor to 7nm Ryzen Cpus.

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The Zen 2 server chipset has a next generation Epyc chips combined with up to eight 7nm CPU chipsets. There will be a 14nm I/O central die supporting the 8-channel DDR4 memory with PCIe 4.0.

AMD further at Next Horizon event said:

The multi-chip processor uses 7nm process technology for the ‘Zen 2’ CPU cores that benefit from the advanced process technology, while leveraging a mature 14nm process technology for the input/output portion of the chip. The result is much higher performance—more CPU cores at the same power, and more cost-effective manufacture than traditional monolithic chip designs

AMD is making changes to centralized I/O die. They say that this will significantly lower the latency and will be be evenly distributed. Also, AMD mentioned that its Zen 2 architecture will deliver twice the compute performance per socket with four times floating performance jump.

Other than 7nm server chip, AMD has plans to release its Zen 2 7nm mainstream processor in next year. This will serve as a precursor for 7nm Ryzen CPUs.

AMD is trying to dominate the CPU market. Nvidia is all out dominating the GPU market and there is little space left for any competitor to rival the giant company. Intel is working on CPU manufacturing Horizon and there is a room available for improvement.

AMD is planning to create a chipset that will harness a better performance in its GPUs and CPUs in particular. The technology AMD is trying to create may or may not help the company to make a leap in industry. Only time will tell.

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