Alliance Announces Changes to their 2023 Women’s Roster

Alliance 2023 Women's Roster

Alliance has announced their 2023 VALORANT women’s roster as they welcome three new players to the team along with bringing on experience management and coaching staff that have worked with their previous VALORANT division. As announced by the eSports team, the additions new and old will bring fresh perspectives, energy, and experience to Alliance Coven. The new players have proven themselves on different occasions and are exceptionally talented. They have been recognized to excel in their respective fields.

With the new roster in place, Alliance is confident that the addition will make the organization as a whole even stronger and help them achieve greater success than before. Before introducing the new players, the team has seen different roster changes in recent weeks as well. Weronika “Speedwk” Dąbrowska is no longer part of the team and Alliance wishes her all the best in her future endeavors and is proud to have been her first home as a pro player.

Alliance Coven has also shared that “6sonya” and “Joliinaa” will continue as the core of this division and will be taking on the roles of captain and IGL respectively. Ever since joining the team, both have shown tremendous dedication and improvement as players, so the organization has taken steps together with them to develop them further with new duties and responsibilities. Captain “6sonya” commented on her new role and her new teammates:

The new iteration of the Coven roster feels like the beginning of a new era for me. Although we are starting from scratch, I am very excited to use my previous experiences to help develop this team and to do it efficiently. As time wasn’t always our friend, we had to be efficient in our development path and everything I had previously figured out on the other rosters, through trial and error, can help everyone move forward faster now. This new iteration of Coven comes with a completely different, fresh mindset. One of the things that will set us apart this year is how flexible every player is.

Moving on to the new additions, the first player joining Alliance is Laureta “B3AUTIFUL” Hajra who is the new duelist. She hails from the home country of Alliance, Sweden, and is a rising star in the world of competitive gaming. While she may primarily be a duelist, she boasts strategic thinking and exceptional teamwork that make her a firepower to be reckoned with on the battlefield. The second player is Lola ”fluxxy” Ainslie who is the new smoker. She is an up-and-comer from Scotland who is making waves in the VALORANT scene.

She comes with an unrivaled playstyle and impressive teamplays and Alliance had its eyes on her for quite some time. Finally, Melinda “Melzz” Blomqvist from Sweden is joining the team as a Sentinel. She has keen reflexes and her tactical approach is an asset that makes her a force to be reckoned with on any map in VALORANT. Co-owner and CSO Kelly Ong commented on the new 2023 Coven roster:

It’s very exciting to be continuing with VALORANT Game Changers in 2023. With the scene gaining more and more experience it will be a great year to see what these women can accomplish. I could not be happier welcoming  “B3AUTIFUL”, “fluxxy” and “Melzz” to the Alliance family – they will bring new motivation and hunger that every team needs. Our sights are set quite high and I look forward to seeing how they will evolve and grow over the coming months.

While it is always sad to see someone that has been with us for a long time leave, with our three new additions and the promotions of “6sonya” to team captain and “Joliinaa” to IGL I have no doubt that we will be stronger than ever.

Finally, with great confidence and comfort I can share that both the Head Coach and manager, “Desmo” and “Harald”, of our previous VALORANT division will continue with us in Coven. I have no doubt with both their expertise in and out of game Coven will be able to excel this year as a competitive division. #LongLiveAlliance.

Casper “Desmo” Rasmussen previously joined B0nk in VRL Polaris however he is now coming back to Alliance, and he commented:

I’m excited to be back, this time with a Game Changers team. They have given me their full trust, and our progress thus far has been amazing. This team is packed with some very talented and hard working players and I cannot wait till the season gets started so that we can show everyone what we’ve been working on.

Additional details about Alliance, their schedule, and rosters can be found on their official website and you can also check out their social media accounts.

What are your thoughts on the new Alliance 2023 Women’s Roster and the changes within the team? Let us know in the comments below.

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