Next Alien Game ‘Alien Blackout” Will be Revealed at The Game Awards 2018

Alien Blackout

It has been quite a number of years that an Alien game with horror genre has not released. The last game was Alien Isolation that released in 2014 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The game was nominated for over 50 game awards. Alien Isolation won 2015 BAFTA Games Award for Audio Achievement.

Despite its hard earned success, we have not seen another Alien game since then that delivers the redefined horror genre that Alien Isolation gave the fans of the community. However, the recent events suggest that there may be an Alien game titled with ‘Alien Blackout’ set to get revealed at The Game Awards Show held early in December 2018.

The very first hint is from The Game Awards 2018 creator, Geoff Keighley. Keighley, in his  official Twitter account posted a cryptic message “WORLDS WILL CHANGE”. The interesting thing about this cryptic message is that the font style used in picture resembles Aliens trademark.

Second, Geoff Keighley’s tweet features a logo of Weyland Yutani Corporation, which also is connected with Aliens. The tweet is then followed by a mention of December 6, 2018 The Game Awards 2018. Just in case you forgot, Weyland Yutani is a technology supplier and also manufactures synthetics. The corporation is a fictional one and it exists in the Aliens series of universe only.

There is also another source material that indicates a possible Alien game in works. Recently, 20th Century Fox filed a trademark called “Alien Blackout”. Anyone can wonder that this will be a movie since it is filed by 20th Century Fox and that no Alien game has released since years. However, the trademark is filed under computer game discs and software.

Furthermore, the trademark hints that Alien Blackout will be an online multiplayer experience. The trademark suggests that the game will provide ”on-line computer games… by means of the internet”.

Since these are only speculations based on recent series of events, we will suggest you to take the information as grain of salt. More details will be announced or revealed officially at The Game Awards Show 2018 which is due on December 6, 2018. We will only come to know more on Alien Blackout at the show.

Did you play Alien Isolation? Are you looking forward for next game or Alien Blackout? Let us know more your thoughts in comment section below.

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