Alexa and New Avatars Available at Xbox One in October Update – Available in US First

October Update

Xbox One gets a promising update that was featured since months ago. The October update brings in new avatars, new skill features so as to interact more with Cortona and Alexa. The update and its new features are available in US first right now. Other countries will get scheduled release soon.

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The new avatars that will make way to your Xbox One will be better than ever. The new avatars will be everything you wanted from avatars to be. The new avatars now offer tons of customization. The customization includes, outfits, expressions and are very creative to your responses.

October Update

The avatar editor feature now offers more customization options that before. It has almost unlimited skin color options. Now, you can choose from wide variety of color schemes based on your skin color on however you want your avatar to look like.

The avatars now have more body types and in-depth facial details. Previously, there were restrictions on selection of body-types of avatars. The October update brings in new features and now you select the body-type you want to have.

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The new avatar store now has more options to buy and customize your avatar, giving a more unique look than your friends’s avatars. The new avatar store has more outfits, props and accessories. Now only this, with each month, more options will be added to the avatar store. Make sure to visit each month.

The October update also brings in additional skill features to Cortona and Alexa. The update allows users to navigate with voice controls while using Cortona or Alexa enabled devices. This is even one step further than what Kinect started back in 2013.

The October update now allows users to power on or power off their Xbox One console. Also, you can now launch games, close games, start or stop broadcasts on Mixer. You can also take screenshots and record videos using advanced Cortona and Alex skill features.

Did you try the update yet? Let us know more your thoughts in comments section below.

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