Abzu Releasing On Nintendo Switch This November – Explore Beautiful Underwater on the Go

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Abzu initially released August 2, 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The game was released as a digital only and a retail version was released later in 2017. Abzu is now coming on Nintendo Switch. Explore the beautiful and epic underwater journey on the go.

The game is to release on Nintendo Switch eShop on November 29, 2018 for $20. The game is published by 505 Games and developed by Giant Squid. The developers released an announcement trailer of the game that it is finally coming towards Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer here.

Developers Giant Squid are also famously known for their work on Flower and Journey. The game world takes players to underwater journey. The game world is designed with a beautiful touch of vibrant colors and a ocean life full of mysteries.

In Abzu, players get to play as a diver. You will discover hundred of unique species as you roam the underwater world of Abzu. You will find species based on real creatures which form a complete system of sea life.

The world of Abzu surely looks beautiful, but, it can also be dangerous, broken and toxic. As a diver, your mission is to unlock the mysteries that are in the depths of the sea life. These mysteries will change the world around you, for the better.

Other than Abzu, This War of Mine: Complete Edition is also getting release on Nintendo Switch console. The game first released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The 2D survival game later also released on iOS. Now, a complete edition of the game is set to release for Nintendo Switch.

The game is set in 1992-96 era in a war torn environment. The in-game world of the game is 2D style. The game adopts 2D survival genre where you get to survive for supplies every single day.

Check out here to know more on This War of Mine: Complete Edition. Let us know more your thoughts about Abzu in comments section below.



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