7th Sector Review – Hauntingly Beautiful and An Intricate Puzzle Game

7th Sector Review

7th Sector is set to make its way in February for consoles as this unique puzzler is likely something you haven’t played before. I got an early review copy of the game for the PlayStation 4, and it immediately hooked me on. Right from the start, the game is shrouded in mystery about what it is. This is more apparent from the trailer of the game that gave us nothing, absolutely no information about what it is going to be about. Having said that, the moment you start the game, everything starts making sense and you begin your journey as a small spark traveling along wires and cables.

The basic mechanic of the game begins with a small spark of light that you control, and have to travel along the wires and solving puzzles. You start as a shadowy figure on a TV screen, which turns into a small spark of light. You control the spark of light to move forward towards new areas, with new devices and puzzles to solve. The game is quite minimalistic right from the start when you get control, having to figure out what you have to do and how you need to solve puzzles on your own.

7th Sector Review

The movements and control can be wonky when you first start the game. However, you slowly get used to it over time. The spark that you control is slow to move and moves in the direction where you point the analog stick. I noticed that even with the boost option, it is too slow, or doesn’t have much travel distance or range. However, these are minor issues that get hidden by the fantastic visuals, the art and the story the game is trying to tell. It is quite surprising that a game with beautiful visuals and interesting puzzles is available for $12.99.

You can do more than just move around as a small spark. You can interact with devices nearby, jump from one cable to another by holding the interaction button. Most of the devices that you come across usually contain some sort of mathematical puzzle or have the ability to unlock doors, open new areas or move objects around. The puzzles themselves are not hard, and some require basic mathematics, while others have you locating numbers and codes to unlock new paths. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as you unlock more intricate devices, and solve various different puzzles to find your way.

7th Sector Review

The game itself gives no hint on how to solve puzzles, and you have to figure this out on your own. When talking about mathematical puzzles, you will come across some devices that require you to add up to 220V to complete the circuit and to open a new path. The puzzles themselves aren’t your only challenge as you play the game. You will find all types of hostiles that will reset you back a few steps if you get caught. But that is the least of your worries as you encounter larger and more menacing looking robots that shoot lasers at you.

One of the real threats that you face in the early stages of the game is when a dog-shaped robot, fixed with a laser gun chases you from a distance and shoots you with its laser to kill you. While the robot may look intimidating at first, there are plenty of obstacles between the both of you that offer plenty of shelter. You don’t always stay as a spark, as the game intends you to get inside smaller robots and control them. You get to a stage where you can control a remote-controlled toy car to push objects, and you can even get inside a Roomba-type cleaning robot to travel. Things get even more interesting as you end up moving around in a floating robot head.

7th Sector Review

7th Sector and its storytelling depend solely on the visuals and the scene each new area features. Every time you enter a new area, you will be left guessing as to what the ending may be. It is quite possible that the game may have multiple endings that depend on player choices and what paths they choose. The game is certainly unique in its own way of storytelling and letting the player find out the end. The mood that the game sets right from the start sets the background for what is to come.

7th Sector Review

As the story progressed, I initially kept questioning about this mysterious figure that you play as, and his purpose of finding something or if they are escaping from something. The fact that it has to go through many obstacles in a futuristic dystopian city is quite curious. There is a fine line between keeping the player guessing or just having the story right at our face. This is where 7th Sector really shines and demands you to play right till the end.

Final Verdict

7th Sector is a highly recommended puzzle game that is unlike anything that you might have played before. The stunning yet somber visuals that the game features will have you in the right mood from the start. But what sets the game apart are the intricate puzzles that you have to solve, how to complete them and get on to the next area. The game does its best to have you guessing what you are supposed to do next, and what the purpose of your character is. There are a lot of secrets to unfold and a lot of environmental details that hint you about this dystopian world of the near future. Overall, if you want a fun yet challenging game that is filled with mystery, give 7th Sector a try.

Final Score: 9/10

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