Madden NFL 19 Top 5 Teams Rebuild Guide – Best Teams

Madden NFL 19 Top 5 Teams Rebuild Guide

In the Madden Series, the most famous feature as been the Franchise Mode, where fans get to take over their favorite teams and become the GM or the Owner. This mode gave players the freedom of controlling the roster, practice squad, depth chart and much more. In this Madden NFL 19 Top 5 Teams Rebuild Guide, we will be telling you about the top 5 teams with a good base that you can work with to rebuild them in Madden NFL 19.

Madden NFL 19 is the American Football sports game based on the National Football League, developed by EA Sports. The game was released on August 10th this month on Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox one.

With each Madden, the series made Franchise mode better and better and has been expanding with more features every year. A lot of fans like playing with their favorite teams but they also want to test their GM abilities to see if they can turn the Franchise around to create long term success.

Madden allows you to rebuild your teams according to your preferences as a GM. The preferences range from giving you opportunities to load up on draft picks to controlling salary cap and make trades with other rosters

Madden NFL 19 – Top 5 Teams to Rebuild

If you watch the NFL and are up to date with all the statistics, you may have the idea of the teams that are doing better than others and some that have not been performing as they should in past. These poorly performing franchises may have a decent foundation to build off and revive them, which will be your task as a GM.

Below we have provided for you the top 5 teams that you can rebuild and manage as a GM.

Team # 1  – Chicago Bears

The bears finished 3-13 in 2017 and were not the best of a football team. However, they have had an amazing off-season. This team has a lot of new talented players that would be fun to play around, as these players are always in attack mode.

When we talk about attacking, the best choice is Allen Robinson who is a great Wide Receiver who can spearhead the attack and lead your team to victory. while for defense, Players like Leonard Floyd and Roquan Smith can be devastating for the opposing team.

Team # 2 – Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have been the worst performing team in this season to begin with. However, since they have drafted Lamar Jackson, plus a decent salary cap, you are left with a lot of options to rebuild a better performing squad.

Lamar Jackson can be used as the team’s core and then you can add more players to improve the existing ones. Additionally, for defense you can use CJ Mosley along with Mark Andrews in the Tight End.

Team # 3 – Cleveland Browns

The Browns have been the laughing stock of NFL for quite some time, but considering the way they had their off season, they might be the most fun team to rebuild.

The bears have about 24 million salary cap in space that you can use on rookies such as Baker Mayfield as the focus for development and build a team around him, while Myles Garrett and Antonio Callaway can be used as a good option as a bedrock and as a sleeper.

Team # 4 – San Francisco 49ers

49ers have a lot of young talent this time. And all you need to do is develop their talent as they will win titles for you very soon in the season.

Jimmy Garoppolo has caused buzz around the league and should hopefully solve the 49ers franchise QB problem. While Reuben Foster is a prime candidate in becoming a great LB to patrol the middle of the field, and who will likely be the best defensive player in the roster for a long time.

Team # 5 – Buffalo Bills

Bills have made it into the playoffs, but are resetting their attack. To rebuild their attack, use their rookie Josh Allens as the basis of rebuilding.

The bills also have a decent amount of salary cap and along with players just as Shaq Lawson, Tremaine Edmunds and Kelvin Benjamin. But ideally, you should sell Edmunds to make more cap space to sign new players.

Check out our Player Upgrade Guide to know more about how to upgrade your players in Madden NFL 19.

This concludes our Madden NFL 19 Top 5 Teams Rebuild Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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