2D Platformer JustAxe PC Steam Release Date Set for Next Week

JustAxe Release Date

Publisher Targem Games and developer Supergalactic Gamedev have officially announced the release date for their upcoming 2D platformer, JustAxe. Set to launch on Steam on May 27, 2024, JustAxe tells the adventurous tale of a pioneer girl battling aliens from another world.

In JustAxe, players will explore a vibrant and interactive environment, utilize various weapon combinations, uncover well-hidden secrets, and enjoy humorous dialogues. The game’s picturesque locations are filled with easter eggs that evoke the charm of a typical Soviet town. Players are encouraged to prepare for an adventure, and most importantly, bring their trusty axe!

Check out the latest Release Date trailer for JustAxe below:

The game is set in the distant future on Earth, in the small, tranquil town of New Soviets. Nestled behind mountains and forests, the town features picturesque panel houses and power transmission towers, all striving to recreate a nearly mythical past. However, the peace is shattered by a mysterious invasion of otherworldly creatures. These hostile invaders kidnap the protagonist’s sister, leading her on a quest armed with her great-grandfather’s trophy axe to rescue her sibling and uncover the truth behind the invasion.

JustAxe Release Date

Key Features:

Puzzles and Environmental Interaction: The game presents numerous challenges and puzzles. Players must use clues and the environment to solve riddles and overcome obstacles.

Varied Gameplay and Mechanics: JustAxe offers diverse gameplay with numerous ways to use available weapons, combine moves, create unique tactics, and access unexplored areas.

Diverse Locations: Players will journey through forests, mountains, waterfalls, and even a dark alien dimension. The game features winding paths, mazes, traps, and hidden artifacts.

Loyal Companion: A new friend will assist players in discovering abilities and hidden stashes. Returning to previous levels may reveal buried treasures.

Engaging Dialogues and Surprising Ending: JustAxe promises funny dialogues and a colorful yet dangerous world. Players will unlock the secrets of this unique universe, complete trials, and determine if a little girl with an axe can save her town and uncover the reason behind the alien invasion.

JustAxe Release Date

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey in JustAxe and see if you have what it takes to save New Soviets and unravel the mysteries behind the alien threats. Mark your calendars for May 27, 2024, and get ready to download the game on Steam. Don’t forget your axe!

Would you be interested in playing JustAxe when it launches on PC via Steam next week on its release date? Let us know in the comments section below.

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