Far Cry 5 Holland Valley Walkthrough Guide – Defeat John Seed

Far Cry 5 Holland Valley Walkthrough Guide

In this Far Cry 5 Holland Valley Walkthrough Guide we will cover Far Cry 5’s Holland Valley region. This guide follows after the Prologue and Dutch’s Island walkthrough of Far Cry 5. From here you will be heading to the next parts of the game. You can find three main regions in the map; each of these has their own boss who rules the region.

Far Cry 5 is a first-person shooter action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft Studios. It is the fifth installment in the Far Cry Series. Far Cry 5 is set in Hope County, Montana, which is a place in control by a fanatical cult known as the The Project at Eden’s Gate. The main antagonist is the cult leader Joseph Seed, also known as, The Father. In this game, you have to fight with the resistance and defeat the cult that has taken over Hope County.

Far Cry 5 Holland Valley Walkthrough Guide

Holland Valley is the first region of Hope County and is ruled by John Seed. John Seed is Joseph’s brother in the cult whose region is used as means of food production. This area also includes the main resistance settlement, called Fall’s End.

To get to John Seed you need to get 13000 resistance points. And to do this you need to complete main mission stories, liberate cult outposts, destroy cult properties and save hostages. Each one of these mission will add up your resistance point that you will need to reach John Seed

Story Mission # 1 – Fall’s End

Previously continuing after liberating Dutch’s Island. You have to reach Fall’s End which will be marked on the map and also be given as a pathway.

When you reach Fall’s End, you will find enemies and two hostages. With caution and stealth, sneak up to enemies and kill them, also freeing the hostages in the process. These hostages will join you in the fight as an enemy plane starts to attack your location. Head over to the waypoint that takes you on the top of a house to a machine gun. Use the gun to take out the enemy plane. Head down from the house to kill the rest of the enemies which will liberate the area and complete this mission.

The next cut scene introduces you to the Pastor who is one of the hostages that you saved. He will tell you to visit him in the nearby church for more missions surrounding this area.

Story Mission # 2 – Good Samaritan

After liberating Fall’s End, head on over to a new waypoint marked towards Woodson Pig Farm, also marked in your map.

Once you reach Woodson Pig Farm, the Pastor will tell you over the radio to liberate the 3 resistance members and 3 hostages, but with caution. The hostages are in a vulnerable position as alerting the peggies can result in the death of all hostages. Walk around the location tagging the enemies. Use the bushes to hide, and takedown each of the enemy slowly. When the nearby enemies have been killed, proceed to secure each hostage and the resistance member. Finally, secure the farm as your final objective.

Story Mission # 3 – Man’s Best Friend

If you want a dog to assist you during various missions, you need to complete the mission ‘Man’s Best Friend’.

Begin by heading towards Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm. You can easily locate it from the maps. Once you reach the area you will find enemies scattered around and a caged dog, called Boomer. Take out the enemies and proceed to punching the cage that has Boomer in it to release him.

Pet boomer to complete the mission and have boomer added to your roster of Fangs for hire.

Story Mission # 4 – Rye and Son’s Aviation

Far Cry 5 Holland Valley Walkthrough Guide

Locate Rye and son’s Aviation on your map to start this short task. Once you reach the place you will find a lot of enemies and an enemy dog. Kill the dog as it deals high damage to the player.

After the gunfight you will find Nick Rye injured and on the ground. Revive and talk to him, which will trigger the next mission called ’Wingman’.

Story  Mission # 5 – Wingman

In this mission, nick will tell you to recover his plane. The plane that the peggies have stolen and taken to a place called Seed Ranch. You have to reach this area which is close to Rye’s Aviation.

When you reach Seed Ranch, locate Nick’s plane. It is specifically located inside a barn that you can cautiously enter without alerting any enemies. Get in the plane which will prompt a waypoint that you have to deliver the plane to.

Once you have the plane in the air, follow nick’s instructions to fly along the river where there are some enemy tankers below. Use the bomber of the plane to take down the tankers by dropping bombs. Alternatively, you can also use the machine gun equipped in the plane to destroy the tankers. After destroying all targets, return to Nick’s house located on the map with a waypoint, where a cut scene plays of Nick and his wife.

This will trigger the last part of the mission that involves the peggies attacking Nick’s house and you have to defend the house with various enemy waves attacking from different parts outside of the house.

Next go towards the hangar nearby and defend it by engaging with the Peggies. Secure the area and stay inside the hangar as Nick takes down enemy by dropping bombs from his planes. After all enemies have been taken down the mission is then completed.

Story Mission # 6 – The Cleansing

Once you gather enough resistance points, this will prompt John Seed to target you and have you kidnapped. This begins the mission The Cleansing.

A cut scene starts where you are kidnapped, and John is seen talking to Joseph. In the of the cut scene where you are being transported in a bus that has crashed, escape from the bus where you will find the Pastor to your rescue and takes you to secure a nearby checkpoint. Kill all the enemies and talk to the Pastor. The Pastor then advises you to move ahead find and rescue the others and a character called Merle.

Once you reach Merle, you are required to hold this position as a timer for 2 minutes appears. In this time period more Peggies will attack your position while you wait for 2 minutes until the extraction helicopter comes and takes you to safety. This completes this mission.

Story Mission # 7 – Grace under Fire

Locate Lamb of God church in the map and head over to this location. You will find enemies located around the church. Engage and kill the enemies around the church.

After you clear the area, you will find Grace on top of the church. Grace then asks for your help to take down more peggies incoming to destroy the mausoleums. The mausoleums will emit a health bar that will warn you when it is being attacked. So plan your attack accordingly with each incoming enemy wave.

When you have successfully defended the mausoleums, head on over to talk to Grace to complete the mission and add her as a sniper to your roster.

Story Mission # 8 – Air Raid

For this mission, head back over to Rye and Son’s Aviation to start. Get into Nick’s plane where you will hear Kim over the radio. She will ask you to destroy the cult fuel pumps located around the area, highlighted with a marker.

Fly to this area as Kim will guide you to destroy the convoys on the road, also shown as a marker. Destroy the convoy by using the machine gun or the bomber equipped on the plane.

Finally you will have to destroy the helicopters and airplanes that have come to fight you. After you have defeated all enemies, you will unlock the Carnival plane that can be accessed from any hangar on the map.

Story Mission # 9 – The Deathwish

Locate Silver Lake Trailer in the map and head over to the location to start the mission. You will find a few enemies, so take them out first. Talk to merle who will tell you about his mounted car called The Deathwish and how you can get it back for him.

Nick will send you towards US Auto where he claims to have last seen his car. Head on over to US Auto, kill all the enemies which will allow Nick to come to you. He will then send you to a gas station nearby as his truck may be there instead. Once you reach the gas station, you will need to follow the Deathwish vehicle, take down the driver and retrieve it.

Drive the Deathwish back to US Auto to Merle. He will then send you to destroy Bliss containers in a construction yard. You can destroy these by crashing into them with the vehicle. Kill the rest of the enemies and give the Deathwish back to Merle to complete the mission.

After the mission, the vehicle will be unlocked for you and can be spawned in any garage in the map.

Story Mission # 10 –  The Confession

The more resistance points you gain by completing various missions the more John Seed keeps you under his radar. He appoints snipers to take you down with Bliss Bullets. One hit from these bullets will incapacitate you and you will be captured by John’s men.

After being captured, a cut scene begins where you are tied to a chair next to Deputy Hudson who was captured in the Prologue. While John takes the deputy to another room, you have the chance to escape and find Deputy Hudson.

Get back upstairs with a melee weapon. Get under the pipes and through the tubes down to a hatch towards an enemy for a takedown. Look for a second enemy and take him down too. Leave the room to find a cultist with a pistol. After killing him you can acquire his pistol. Moving ahead there is another peggie that you can takedown. Move left to a door and turn the wheel handle to open it. Move forward to find more enemies, cautiously move around them or take them down without drawing attention. The last enemy sitting on the couch can be easily targeted now.

When another enemy enters the room, you might have to give up being stealthy and take out the pistol and kill any approaching enemies. In the end you will find John waiting for you.

John will then put the bunker in lockdown with only a minute and a half to escape. Head back upstairs, kill any enemies in your sight and head out before the timer runs out. Take the zip line to escape and complete the mission.

Story Mission # 11 – Jumping Ship

Far Cry 5 Holland Valley Walkthrough Guide

Talk to Pastor at Fall’s End to start this mission. He will send you to Silver Lake Trailer park to safely get out a cult defector.

When you reach the park, clear out the enemies scattered around the location, and meet the resistance leader who seeks your help and protect the defector. Take out enemies that will come in waves from the front and back. Once cleared, carry the defector to the nearby docks; place him in the boat, clear out the rest of the few enemies so the boat can safely escape from the location to complete the mission.

Story Mission # 12 – The Widowmaker

In Falls’ End, Mary May Fairgrave at the Spread Eagle Bar will ask you to retrieve her father’s truck. Once the mission is tracked, a waypoint in the map will take you to the grain elevator nearby Woodson Farm.

Reach the location and enter through the broken side of the fence, clear out the enemies near the warehouse. Loot the keys to the entrance of the warehouse where the truck is, enter the warehouse and get into the truck. A new waypoint back to Fall’s End will be marked on the map. Drive out the truck and clear out enemy roadblocks by ramming into them with the truck.

When you reach Fall’s End back with the truck, place it near the bar and talk to Mary May Fairgrave to complete the mission.

Story Mission # 13 – Razing the Steaks

To start this mission, head over to Kupka Ranch, East of Fall’s End. A man named Zip will ask you to kill some animals that are being mind controlled by drugs.

Drive to Flatiron Stockyards with Zip, reach the location and kill all the cults and all the animals. Zip will then ask for cover as he places explosives for the incoming enemy attack. Guard zip, and take out all the new enemies to complete the mission.

Story Mission # 14 – Blow Their Mine

Talk to Zip after completing Razing the Steaks. He will ask you to blow up a gold mine that is located east in this region called Catamount Mines.

Head to this location where you need to place explosives on four marked crates. Once the explosives are all placed, defend them for four minutes by clearing out incoming cultists who come out to defuse the bombs. Once the timer ends, head to a safe place and watch the explosion to end the mission.

Story Mission # 15 – The Atonement

Once you reach the maximum resistance level of John’s region, he will call you to Fall’s End where he has kept civilians hostage.

Reach Fall’s End and enter the church. Open the door to start a cut scene of John and the hostages. After the cut scene, take out the enemies in Fall’s End, and get into the truck on top to man the turret machine gun and chase John Seed. Fire the guns towards the chasing enemy’s cars and plane while you reach John’s Ranch.

When you make it to the ranch, the mission will change to Wrath. You will find john escaping in a plane, with another plane nearby for you to chase after him in the sky. Attack and destroy John’s plane, get to his crashed plane, chase him when he runs in a forest, kill John and retrieve the key to his bunker.

Story Mission # 16 – The Quality of Mercy

The mission is unlocked after completing The Atonement. Go to John Seed’s bunker to the west of Holland Valley. Unlock the door to the bunker where you will find enemies waiting for you when you head down the stairs. Clear the room by killing the enemies and take the exit on the other side of the room.

Your next objective is to locate Deputy Hudson. Once you head to the opposite side of the room, there will be a sealed door. Open the door to find a few enemies waiting. Clear the enemies and load up on ammo from the room nearby with ammo stash. When you return to head down the hallway, turn left at the T junction; go through the server room to reach the Torture cell where you will find Deputy Hudson.

Deputy Hudson will ask you to save the rest of the prisoners in the bunker cells. With the help of the marked waypoint, open the door for the prisoners to free them. Enemies will start approaching you, clear out the enemies and follow the next waypoint to unlock another door.

This time there will be a sniper at the other end, use cover to reach out and kill the sniper. Unlock the door of the next room and set more prisoners free.

A new objective will be added for you to find the control room. Deputy Hudson will open the missile hatch for you, head down the hatch to the lower level and find your way to the control room. Turn left to find enemies and take them out. Then turn right where you will find the control room at the end. Destroy the consoles and then kill the enemies outside.

Carry on forward where you have to reach the silo. Climb up the top of silo using the rails, and jump across to the door. Once you are in, there will be enemies waiting to jump you. Take them out and proceed to the next waypoint, with the objective to destroy Bliss containers.

Continue straight until you get to the Bliss containers. Shoot and destroy the containers from a distance as the explosion range can cause damage. In the rooms around you there will be barrels and enemies, you can shoot these barrels to take out the enemies with an explosion.

Continue by going left to the room that the cultist came from. Here there will be more bliss containers with a red barrel around. Shoot the red barrel and run for the white door to escape while the fire spreads to cause a big explosion.

Finally, for your escape, take the path up the stairs into a room full of enemies. In this area, there are four marked waypoints to open the silo hatch. In addition, there will be a lot of explosions and fire, so plan your way around them carefully. From this point you have to survive and wait for extraction.

A cut scene will appear where it will show the bunker being destroyed in a big explosion, thus ending the mission and completely liberating John Seed’s region of Holland valley.

For more Far Cry 5 Walkthroughs, check out our Far Cry 5 Prologue and Dutch’s Island Walkthrough Guide.

This concludes our Far Cry 5 Holland Valley Walkthrough Guide. If you wish to add anything to this article, please feel free to write your opinion in the comments below.

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