11 bit studios and Odd Meter Elevate Artistry with INDIKA, Blending Existential Themes and Narrative Depth

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In the realm of gaming, where narrative-driven experiences often take center stage, the upcoming arthouse adventure game INDIKA emerges as a beacon of introspection and philosophical exploration. Published by 11 bit studios and developed by Odd Meter, the latest trailer for INDIKA delves deeper into its existential essence, setting the stage for its anticipated launch in May on PC and consoles.

INDIKA invites players into a contemplative journey, following the story of a nun named Indika grappling with the voice of the devil within her. Amidst the backdrop of self-discovery and internal conflict, the game delves into profound themes, questioning the nature of faith, sacrifice, and human beliefs.

Check out the latest Fair/Unfair trailer below:

The narrative arc unfolds as Indika embarks on a quest to deliver a significant letter, leading her to confront the very core of her religious devotion. This deliberate imbalance not only shapes her narrative but also casts ripples affecting those around her. The inherent unfairness of life becomes a poignant reflection, inviting players to ponder universal truths.

Drawing inspiration from cinematic visionaries like Lanthimos, Aster, and Aronofsky, as well as literary giants Bulgakov, Dostoevsky, and Gogol, INDIKA weaves a tapestry of disorienting threads and philosophical debates among its characters. The game’s meticulous attention to detail in architectural styles and religious heritage authentically captures the atmosphere of its setting, enhancing the immersive experience for players.


Rufus Kubica, Product Management Lead for INDIKA at 11 bit studios, shares insights into INDIKA’s artistic depth, noting its imaginative narrative, dark humor, and exploration of human emotion and spirituality. He praises Odd Meter for challenging conventional game development norms, citing the game’s juxtaposition of religious themes with harsh landscapes and the intriguing companionship between Indika and the devil.


INDIKA stands as a testament to the maturity and depth achievable in video games as an artistic medium. It offers players seeking meaningful and mature experiences an unforgettable journey beyond traditional gaming narratives. Scheduled for release on May 2nd for PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store and later that month on consoles, INDIKA promises a thought-provoking adventure that transcends boundaries.

In a heartfelt gesture, a portion of INDIKA’s revenue will be dedicated to supporting children affected by the war in Ukraine, showcasing the game’s commitment to social responsibility alongside its artistic vision.

Would you be interested in playing INDIKA by 11 bit studios and Odd Meter when it launches next month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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