11 bit studios Reveal Children of Morta Family Fireside Fables Narrated by Game Narrator Ed Kelly

Children of Morta Family Fireside Fables

11 bit studios has revealed the Children of Morta Family Fireside Fables before the release of the game’s upcoming Family Trials game mode. Family Fireside Fables is a pack of six charming tales that range from adventure to mystery and are narrated by none other than the game’s narrator Ed Kelly. The new fables will keep fans of the game occupied until the new game mode arrives soon.

Children of Morta is set in the land of Rea which is always filled with touching stories and collected by the Bergson family for generations. The new fables come with Ed’s gentle tone accompanied by exquisite soundscapes and music from Hamidreza Ansari’s extraordinary Children of Morta Official Soundtrack. The new fables are surely going to take into the land of fantasies, morals, and poetic rhymes. The six fables released by 11 bit studios include:

  • Tale I: Home — by Anne Bronte
  • Tale II: Brother and Sister — by the Grimm Brothers
  • Tale III: Lucy — by George Pope Morris
  • Tale IV: The Turnip — by the Grimm Brothers
  • Tale V: The Raven — by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Tale VI: Mother — by Madison Julius Cawein

You can now listen to all fables for free by heading over to Steam or YouTube. Family Trials is an upcoming free game mode for the action-RPG Children of Morta. It is a combat-oriented experience that does not relate to the story-focused campaign. The update is all about killing as many enemies in the game’s dungeons while completing different objectives and developing the ultimate character builds.

The mode will feature a large number of enemies, monsters, sub-bosses, and bosses that will stand in your way. You will be able to play the game mode in three different difficulties where each difficulty level will affect the number of randomly generated levels in each run. As you progress in the mode, you will be rewarded with Divine Relics and Graces, frequent item drops, and a brand-new Talent system.

Make sure to check out our review of Children of Morta both on PC and consoles. If you need some help with the game, we have some guides for you below as well.

Are you looking forward to jumping back in Children of Morta to try out the new Family Trials mode? Let us know in the comments section below.

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