Sherwood Extreme 1.0 Launches on Steam: A Bullet-Time Shooter with Acrobatic Flair

CAGE Studios, led by former Sony Santa Monica developer Salaar Kohari, celebrates the official launch of Sherwood Extreme 1.0 on PC via Steam today. This arcade crossbow shooter combines bullet bolt-time mechanics with over-the-top co-op action, inviting players to experience adrenaline-pumping gameplay in the vibrant world of Sherwood Forest.

Sherwood Extreme 1.0 introduces a groundbreaking Level Editor mode, allowing players to unleash their creativity by designing custom levels either solo or in online co-op. Craft action-packed scenarios reminiscent of blockbuster action movies, blending acrobatic combat with explosive chaos for an exhilarating gaming experience. Challenge friends and the community with unique maps that push the boundaries of high-octane archery gameplay.

Check out the Official Launch Trailer below:

In the game, players assume the role of the legendary Robin Hood, donning a stylish cape and wielding a quiver full of arrows. Traverse diverse environments within Sherwood Forest, from scenic waterways to rugged castles and awe-inspiring volcanoes. Master the art of acrobatics as you swing into action, chaining combos with slow-motion sniping and unleashing chaos on goblins and undead foes alike.

Sherwood Extreme 1.0 offers an array of features to keep players engaged, including a Horde Mode where survival is key, power-ups to enhance gameplay, and a plethora of unlockable weapons, skills, costumes, and the game-changing Chicken Jetpack.

Sherwood Extreme

Co-op play takes center stage, allowing players to climb leaderboards and engage in hilarious shenanigans. Become a two-person tower of crossbow carnage with a friend, grapple onto their shoulders, and rain bolts upon enemies as a dynamic duo. Custom maps offer endless possibilities for challenging courses and collaborative creativity, fostering a vibrant community of archers eager to share feedback and showcase their designs.

Salaar Kohari, game director and co-founder of CAGE Studios, expressed excitement about Sherwood Extreme’s 1.0 launch, stating that ‘not enough games empower players to be both skillful and silly. With Sherwood Extreme’s 1.0 launch, we hope that our community has the tools they need to show off their creativity, challenge fellow archers, and have a slapstick blast while doing it’.

Sherwood Extreme

Sherwood Extreme 1.0 is available now on Steam for $19.99 with a 15% launch discount, offering support for English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian languages.

Would you be interested in jumping into Sherwood Extreme now that it is available in 1.0? Let us know in the comments section below.

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