Subverse Sci-Fi Sex Game Details: Story, Development, Waifus, DLC

Subverse Sci-Fi Sex Game

Mr. Kristoff, the senior producer of Subverse talked about the game and he mentioned the different features that the game will have. The interview is in French but you can read all about it here in English. Here we are going to talk about the details of the Subverse Sci-Fi sex game.

Kristoff mentioned that subverse is a Sci-Fi RGP game in which you will fight against a fascist government and your waifus will help you along the way. You will travel around the galaxy and fight all kinds of aliens. You can “hold your waifu’s hand”, he added.

He mentioned that many games were the source of inspiration for Subverse Sci-Fi sex game and that the game has been developed due to resentment. He talked about how most of the adult games that are available right now are not good enough and how Subverse is planning to change that.

He explained that he wanted to create something that did not exist. He wanted to create a proper game that included adult content. He mentioned that the idea of the game is great and that a professional team is making it. Everyone working on the game is very passionate about it.

He mentioned that he expected the game to do pretty well on Kickstarter but the response that the game got was mindblowing. He also talked about development and mentioned that the concept is around 1.5 years old. The script is still not complete so the game is a work in progress right now. The current version of the game is about a year old and much of the original concept has changed.

Mr. Kristoff talked about how every member of the team brings something to the table. He first meets with the head of the studio to discuss ideas and then he brings them to the rest of the team to get feedback. He mentions that he is very proud of his team. He joked that the Subverse Sci-Fi sex game is a collection of ideas from perverts.


He talked about the development of the game and mentioned that Subverse is going to need a bigger team. The developer will be hiring soon. He mentioned that originally there were 9 waifus but more have been added since then.

Subverse Sci-Fi Sex Game

He mentioned that Steam now allows uncensored games on the platform and that is why the developer can publish the game on Steam. The fun will not stop with the base game. The team has already planned DLC for Subverse and it will be released after the base game. He mentioned that the team is working on the base game right now but DLC will be coming too.

Mr. Kristoff mentioned that the team will continue to make adult games and movies after Subverse. He also commented on how realistic the graphics are going to be and while he did not provide many details, he did mention that environmental reactions are not part of the game right now but he promised that the physics of boobs and balls will be excellent.

Subverse Sci-Fi sex game has got more funding than Star Citizen on Kickstarter and there is a lot of hype around the game. First, we got a boob-shaped console and now we have a space boobs game.

Let us know what you think about the Subverse Sci-Fi sex game and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out.

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