Subverse Combat Guide – Space Combat Tips, Primary and Secondary Fire

Subverse Combat Guide

This Subverse Combat Guide will show you some combat tips in the game that can help you when you engage with enemies and enemy ships. Although the game is still in Early Access where it can be changed when it fully launches, the combat mechanics right now with the characters and abilities vary from being good to practically ineffective.

To get you up to speed, or to stop wasting time spent on learning and using ineffective methods of combat is going to be the sole purpose of this combat guide. There is not a ton of variety in space combat as of right now, but we have listed the things that will generally work for you pretty well.

Subverse Combat Guide

Below we have detailed some combat tips to help you in the game.

Primary and Secondary Fire

There are two ways to attack enemy ships right now where Primary Fire is an option that you should use continuously without any intention of stopping. This spamming attacking method is what the Primary fire is made for and you shouldn’t sleep on it when attacking all types of enemies in combat.

The Secondary Fire is where you can mix things up in your attacking style. With different abilities tied to the characters you have with you, the standard missile Secondary fire in the game is pretty much underpowered and useless at this point. This we say comparatively to what Lily and Killi have to offer.

Lilli gives you a laser attack that can be shot three times at full energy. The attack hits all ships and asteroids and has long-range, but not as devastating in damage as compared to Killi’s shotgun blast. Killi gives you the shotgun which can be used twice on full energy, which is not only one less than Lily’s laser but also has a lesser range. However, it makes up for this with its high damage-dealing shot where it can even take out big enemy ships with just a couple or more hits with the attack.

Subverse Combat Guide

Use Asteroids to Defend

Asteroids seem like a threat especially if you crash into them when flying around, but they also help you deflect incoming attacks if you use them as cover. Asteroids are good at blocking the enemy’s laser attacks or any projectile-based attack, where the damage is much more than if you get hit by the asteroid itself.

Having said that, there are a few enemy attacks that can use electricity on asteroids, which can hurt you.

Ineffective Abilities

In the current stage that the game is available in, we have learned about two abilities that are pretty much ineffective in contrast with what the player might expect them to work as. Starting with the Charge and Dash attack which may seem like a really good way to smash and take out small ships by using your energy, but it takes you straight into the jaws of bigger enemy ships. The ability is just not worth wasting the energy that you can instead use on Primary fire.

The second is the Cruise mode which isn’t anything special than the normal movement speed, which also allows you to effectively dodge enemies. However, you can use it to escape some enemy ships, or gain some ground if you want to catch up with the next enemy ship for a quick fight.

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This concludes our Subverse Combat Guide. Post your comments below.

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