Nutaku Girls School Fan About Fixing His Car

Nutaku Girls

We have talked about Nutaku plenty of times in the last. The company makes adult games and it also released the first adult gaming console that is shaped like a boob. The company recently released the first Hentai Hot Sauce and it has a platform with more than 150 games. We thought that the team behind Nutaku would comprise of guys but they are actually girls.

The girls at Nutaku took to Reddit in order to make it clear that they were not guys. In a recent AMA, they allowed fans to ask them anything and out of nowhere a Reddit user asked about a sound that his car was making. It turned out that the Nutaky girls know a thing or two about cars as well.

The women actually solved the user’s problem. The following is what the user asked, even though it is not even closely related to the company:

My 2001 Toyota Tacoma started making weird noises when I hit the breaks recently, sounds like high pitched screeching (bought it used, has about 120k miles but up until now it’s been great) know any good mechanics in the New England area? This is my first car/truck and I don’t know how to deal with mechanics and not get scummed out of money. Thanks

One of the women that were taking part in the Reddit AMA sent a link to a YouTube video asking whether or not the guy’s car was making a sound similar to that of the video. The Reddit user confirmed that it was the same sound. The Nutaku team replied as follows:

It’s not expensive to fix, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself. If you find the belts on your truck just take a look at them, if they’re cracked and worn it’s time to replace them. Any local garage should be able to do it pretty fast, the belts are cheap too. Best of luck!

While it is not related to adult games or the company but it was still a very interesting exchange and you have to hand it to these gals for answering all these questions.

If you are interested in Nutaku then you can check out their new games Forests Of The Beasts and Märchen Nocturne.

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